Survival in the Wilderness

This post from Sardines in a Can is hilarious!  I can think of several friends and probably my parents, too, who would get a real kick out of it.

Lisa, thanks for sharing!

I usually hike with the familia. But I really, really, really wanted to write, instead. And the beautiful, empty campground seemed like a lovely place to do it. So Jeff said he’d take the crew by himself, because he is good that way. I must admit to some minor misgivings, though. Don’t get me wrong, Jeff is a total outdoorsman. He can handle himself in pretty much any kind of emergency – he’s like that Man Vs. Nature guy. No problems there. So I had every bit of confidence that he could hollow out an ice cave, or collect water droplets, or propel down a cliff using his belt, or set a compound fracture or deliver a baby or handle any of those other minor inconveniences that might pop up unexpectedly on a 2-hour hike through the Texas Hill Country. My misgivings were more along the lines of his being able to keep track of everyone, because let’s face it, he doesn’t do it on a daily basis. And I do. And it ain’t easy.

Jeff tends to make assumptions about the kids’ strengths and limitations that are not necessarily correct – like assuming that the teenagers have brains. Or that the little people have reasoning skills and attention spans that will allow them to digest and maintain instructions. But hey, it is a short trail and they’ve hiked it, before, and I REALLY wanted to write. So, off they went, loaded down with water, snacks, and Ranger on a leash. It was Jeff, another adult friend, and 8 children (and I’m counting the 18 and 17-year-olds as children). The last thing I said to him as he walked off was, “Come back with all of them, please.”

Yes, that was foreshadowing.

Read the rest…….

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