I’m blogging again already!

“It’s popping!”

Remember how Noah loved to spin in the jolly jumper? Well, now he loves to spin his sister in the exersaucer. Apparently, she likes it too.

The kids-eyes-water-too-much-chopping-onions conundrum solved.

Noah loves his little sister. From the moment he first met her, his in-your-face interest in her has not waned. And she loves it. I see these two being great little buddies.

On days like this……

…… Zach lights this. Now he is coaching Gabe in the ways of the skilled fire-lighters.

She reminds me of baby Ben in this photo.

Listenin’ to tunes.

Singin’ along.

Percussion and dance.

Really gettin’ into the groove.

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2 Responses to I’m blogging again already!

  1. Pais says:

    i love Zach’s mask! I did that when I was little too, although I used the one with the nose piece too b/c I find it burns my nose too! Looking forward to a few fall cups of coffee in front of that fire with you!

  2. grandma betty says:

    ah yes—bears up the trees while the kids walked down the laneway to school—fond memories. Cleaning up after a feed of apples tooo—my job by the way. we see the ospreys diving like that in AZ on the golf course===neat–very large birds too. Hope everyone is still enjoying the great north—-me

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