By the Shore

Enjoying some evening sun by the lake after a cloudy day.

Studiously working on “stuff”.

Can you spot my missing pupil?  He’s out waiting ever so patiently for birds to land on his hands.  Remind you of any other ten year old you once knew? Obviously, everyone reading this didn’t know me as a ten year old, but those who did will note some strikingly similar behavior.  We’ll call it “normal”, as Graeme says, “until we find a better term for it”.

Hiding in the bushes, Zach has gotten some pretty nice bird shots with my camera.

Games by the shore.

I love looking at and reading Z’s nature journal.

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5 Responses to By the Shore

  1. grandma betty says:

    great pictures by Zach—he can play all the imaginary games he wants to, it’s allowed. cannot believe the baby was in the school room too—what a hoot.—me

    • Angela says:

      He’s not really doing anything imaginary. He’s just demonstrating incredible patience, letting the birds get used to his presence, and then land very, very close to him. He is hoping to have them land on his hand. So far, he’s come very close.

  2. Pais says:

    i remember trying to get birds, chipmunks to eat out of my hands too. I would stick my hand THROUGH the bird feeder to try and trick them into landing on it. It would work too. We had a couple of pretty tame chickadees!

  3. Joanna says:

    I remember you playing with the birds at our feeder on the bedroom window all the time!! …that is until Dad ripped it down and said it attracted mice!! HaHa! Somehow I don’t see Graeme pulling a move like that on Zach!

  4. Neal says:

    Grandma Betty’s probably remembering me, and all the silly imaginary games I was playing at that age. It’s what came first to my mind, too, when you mentioned “playing Snow White”.

    Amazing drawings he’s doing, too…

    And you finished the study room… Super!

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