Our Favorite Fishing Camp

Part 1 of the trip complete (four hour highway drive and down old rail bed); waiting on Part 2.

Part 2 ….. boat ride…… and my driver, Laura.  OK… so I taught Laura how to make her “f” sounds, oh, “several”  years ago, so she could hold my hands and climb up my legs and do “flips” instead of “swips”.  And now she is driving me and my kids in a boat.


…… “portage”….. more like a modified railway for boats.


Beach play, many games of capture the flag, hide and seek, tag……..

Ben’s 21″ walleye.

Dani’s first attempt at fishing.

Shore lunch. Mmmmmm…… so, SOOOO, good.

Home again…. apples.

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2 Responses to Our Favorite Fishing Camp

  1. Joanna says:

    Looks like a great trip!! I know what you mean about Laura…I remember babysitting her & changing her diapers, and last time I was there we were going out fishing together (her driving) and jogging to the outpost!! Holy Smokes, time flies.

  2. Neal says:

    Love the nighttime photo of the lake. Gorgeous shot.

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