In the last post I announced that “cold feet season” had begun.  I take it back.  Ever since that day it has been hot and humid, and without the usual cool lake breezes we have come to expect to cool things off in the evening.  I’m glad there is a lake to jump into!  That said, a cool breeze is picking up right now with promise of cooling things down this evening.

It’s a good thing we postponed our Moose Point trip.  Zach spent the majority of his last three days in bed.  Finally, today, he is seeming back to normal.

After breakfast today I got everyone on there bikes/trailer bike/bike trailer, and we went for a ride.  It wasn’t a long one, but we did it.  I’m hoping to do it on a regular basis.  I need to find ways to get in some consistent, more exerting exercise. Zach tired quickly.  Not surprisingly, since he has been quite sick.  The heat and humidity didn’t help.  When we got back I nursed Dani and got her to bed, completed the installation of my clothesline (which I started days ago), hung a load of laundry, and went swimming….. all before eating lunch.  If only every day was so productive!

I haven’t taken a single photo since my last upload!  Strange.

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One Response to Hot

  1. Jamie says:


    I can’t see how to contact you, so I guess I will just leave a comment. Sorry if this is random.

    I was interested in changing my family’s blog name to underthesun.blogspot, but it is already taken, though blank. It redirected to a uk site but the redirect was broken. I saw something about it being a wordpress site, which led me here. I don’t know if you have any connection to the blogspot account, but if you do, would you mind letting me have the name if you don’t need it any more?

    It’s funny stumbling onto your site, because I also love Voice of the Martyrs, Simple Mom, and apologetics. I guess great minds think alike 🙂

    Thanks for your consideration,

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