More from the family gathering and other stuff since then.

Dad uploaded his pics to my Flickr account from our weekend with the family.  I’ll share some here.

N6R_5174 6614
Learning how to chew “farmer grass” with Grandpa.

N6R_5290 6823
Sea-doo rides.

N6R_5317 6851
The police checking out our party.

N6R_5336 6870
Watching fireworks.

N6R_5329 6863
I wish you could tell from the photos that Sam, out in the boat, is holding fireworks in his hands to launch them and waving them around as they fire to enhance the display.

Back at home we had a fun couple of days with Gracie.


Sometimes when we are all going out as a family we have to stop at the hospital for Graeme to check on a patient or something.  The kids don’t mind the stop at all.  What amazing surroundings for a hospital!

After the hospital we hiked into High Falls and had a picnic.  We ended up meeting a really nice guy who, it turned out, he and Graeme knew each other from when they were teenagers.  The boys spent lots of time upriver catching tiny crayfish.

A couple of days later the kids and I waited in line for two hours to see the tall ship.  After we got off the ship I said, “Was it worth it?” And they said, “YES!”  It was a long, hot wait.  Thankfully, they had people carrying water jugs around to fill peoples’ bottles.  We got a few refills.  Danica fell asleep in the carrier for about an hour.  We had to pass a McDonald’s on the walk back to our van.  We were all starving so we ate there.

He’s saying, “I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!”

Last night the two little boys enjoyed their poppy seed cake (made by Grandma Betty) down by the lake.  Noah’s been wearing his cowboy boots with all his outfits lately…. his swimsuit, spider man pj’s…. everything.

Yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary.  Zach took the photo for us. Graeme was on call, but he was home the whole evening.  We even got to go for a walk with the two littlest kidlets.

All our boys and their buddy, Kyran (who slept over last night) enjoyed a late evening playing video games with Uncle Neal.

Other news….

  • We had to postpone our MPL trip because Gabe was sick. (We were planning to head in there today.)
  • Some reading I’ve been enjoying lately is my journals from the fall of 1995 to winter/spring 2000 (Age 17 to 21).  Really, I’m finding it a fascinating journey – the changes, patterns, crescendoes, decrescendos, the things I clearly remember, the things I completely forget, answered prayers, things that are the same now, things that are different, and always – God’s chastening, faithfulness, mercy and grace.  It’s a neat view – hindsight – and interesting to see things unfold over the course of five years as opposed to how I was observing it at the time – so present.
  • I’m really, really, really hoping to find a good babysitter(s).  Getting organized around here has been at a stand still for a long time now.  I really want to get some stuff set up and ready for more “schoolish” stuff once the cold weather sets in.  Already, the evenings and mornings are so cool that I know that’s not far off.  We’re already in cold feet season.  (There are two seasons for me: cold feet season and warm feet season.  Cold feet season is MUCH longer.)  Anyway, I also have errands to tend to – moving related – that I can’t seem to get done with five kids in tow.  Yes, I could, but after waiting in line for two hours to get on a ship it’s hardly the opportune time to get my driver’s license changed, or pick up a new straw broom.  So… yes…. will start praying for that sitter!
  • We got the new queen/queen bunk bed set up in the big boys’ room.  It’s HUGE.  It fills the whole room. They really like it.  I’ll try to take a photo sometime, but I don’t know if I can get on an angle from far enough back to even see much of it.  It was built by an 18 year old guy in my hometown.
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4 Responses to More from the family gathering and other stuff since then.

  1. Paisley says:

    seems so fun! can’t wait to get back to the Bay and hang out again!

  2. Robyn says:

    Great pics, as always! Love the one of you and your sweetie. Happy Anniversary to all of us 🙂

    • angie says:

      Happy Anniversary to you guys, too! I always remember you guys during the week in between our anniversaries, and think of how much more experience you have being married than we do! 😉

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