It’s Been a While

I won’t attempt to catch you up on everything in the past two weeks.  Here are some pics from last week/weekend.


On Wednesday we drove to my hometown (4 hours).  We stopped at this nice spot for a little nursing and stretch-the-legs break.  For all the times we’ve driven that stretch of highway (including when I was a kid… and we did it a lot then) this was the first time I’d seen these falls.

We got in late and Mom had a nice supper waiting for us.  A couple of the boys even got late night four wheeler rides.

On Thursday we did the next leg of the trip (another 2.5 hours) to where my sister lives.  We stayed at Chrissy’s.  It was great hanging out with them.  The kids had a lot of fun.



It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that we made it over to my sister’s.  She lives really close to Chrissy, but she’s on an island and Chrissy is on the mainland.  Mark took us over in a few loads.


It was Dani’s first boat ride.  Everyone else was happy to be in a boat again.  Joanna was on a Sea-Doo when we arrived at her lovely, island home.


The big boys got right to fishing (they were catching them off the dock when we arrived), Danica got right to getting snuggles, and the little kids all got in swimming.  After a big fish fry/cabbage roll/perogie dinner I got my turn on the Sea-Doo.  I took lots of kids for rides.  It was fun.


Noah took Sam’s offer to go for a ride into town in the boat.  As they were pushing off shore he looked like he was doubting his choice.  They were gone for a long time and when he got back he was quite happy about the whole thing.  Uncle Sam let him drive.

Zach and Gabe ended up spending every night at Auntie Joanna’s.  The rest of us were boated back to Mark and Chrissy’s every evening. It worked out really well since the big boys got to partake in some of the festival in town with the rest of my family (which I was happy to avoid).


A couple afternoons when kids were zonked they had some downtime watching a movie.

I really didn’t take many pictures after the first evening.  My dad and sister were taking so many I thought I’d just get some from them.

We got back to Hometown on Sunday evening.  In the morning the kids had pony rides, four wheeler rides, and then we picked up lunch in town and ate it at Great Grandpa and Nona’s.  On our way out of town we looked at a truck at GM. Then we drove.  By 10:30pm EST we were sitting around our sun-room dining table eating dinner.



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