Near obsessed.  That’s an exaggeration.  He’s diligent…. and keen.

“We’ll try not to get dirty, Mommy.”

Leahy at the Fort.

Dancing to Leahy tunes.

Back to the Fort the next day for Rendezvous.  Noah didn’t like the soldiers.  I explained it was all “sort of a game” and that they weren’t really angry with each other.  This didn’t help much.  For the rest of the day, whenever we saw soldiers approaching, we’d have to make a detour before the “bad soldiers” got to us.

Dani took the opportunity to nap, unbothered by soldiers, canon and rifle fire, or anything else.

This might be my favourite building of all.

And this has got to be the boys’ favourite building.


We saved the wigwams for on the way out. All the kids sprawled out on the wigwam floor on animal skins for a while, resting. I always love the exchanges we have here with the “Ojibwe”, who camp outside the fort, as they did historically. One of the Ojibwe leaders came in and talked to us for quite a while. He was such a great character. Rested, everyone wandered out. This girl was fabulous with the kids. She taught them an Ojibwe song honoring the eagle. I always wonder what all these people do in “real life”, but seldom do they break character. I am always impressed by everything about the whole historical park. The kids LOVE going there. So anytime you (friends, blog readers) visit us here…. we’d love to share the fort with you.


“Farewell! Have a safe paddle!”

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One Response to Weekend

  1. grandma betty says:

    ahhh memories of taking out boys there when people came to visit—looks as if they have more activities for the kids than they used to which is great for families—lots of fun

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