Zach, Gabe, and I went strawberry picking this morning.  We got 12 liters of berries and a basket of potatoes.  When we got home Danica was helping Daddy fix bike tires.


Noah and Ben were inside playing, but Noah came out with his “jungle clothes” as he called them, and drove his truck around.

Ben held his little sister while I got lunch started. Whose thighs are bigger?DSC_0012

A couple friends arrived with their children, we ate, and then it was off to the amethyst mine.

Here’s one miner with his bucket of amethyst.

We all came back to our house to cool off in the big waves.

And clean amethyst.

A snuggle the baby.

It was a full day.

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2 Responses to Full

  1. grandma betty says:

    Danica’s thighs win by a landslide!!!!!!!!! but she looked very cute on daddy’s back—me

  2. Robyn says:

    Funny, I can only think to comment on the thighs too! 🙂 Those are some serious ones!!! 🙂 Great pics. Strawberry picking always reminds me of you and Jenn.

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