Did it ever feel great to get our canoe in the water!  I took Gabe and Noah for a little paddle first, then Zach and Ben…. and Noah.  We had to bring him again because otherwise he was going to stand on the shore hysterically screaming.

The following day (yesterday) we spent it almost entirely in town…. signing papers, groceries, proper sized paddles for Zach and Gabe….. and at the end of it I asked the boys what they liked best about our new place.  Noah said, “I like being in the canoe”.  I’m trying to remember what the others said….. it’ll come to me.


Then it was Jaska’s turn.  We’re pretty sure it was his first time in a canoe.  From now on, whenever Graeme and I paddle we’re going to take him so that he gets accustomed to being in a canoe.  He seemed content.


Speaking of Jaska, we’re pretty sure he chased the bear off early yesterday morning.  Early this morning he was ferociously defending our property from a beaver that was attempting to come ashore.

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3 Responses to Aaaaahhh!

  1. meagger says:

    Hello! I’ve been catching up on your blog too! I haven’t been at the computer at all lately, so I have alot of reading to do! Your new house and home seem to suit you all so well, I’m glad you’re happy and together!

    Ang, your children are so beautiful, I can’t believe how fast they are growing, especially little Danica. She’s so perfectly sweet and inocent looking, I love her big beautiful eyes! No news to report about another girl here, but who knows what the future will bring! 😉

    Take care, enjoy your new home, and I’ll be writing again soon, I promise.
    Love, Meagan

  2. grandma betty says:

    great pics and glad that you are out on the water now too–take care of those beautiful munchkins—me

  3. Andrea says:

    *sigh*, you are gonna kill me if you keep posting this stuff…

    BUT I had an amazing hike this afternoon with my five and a bbq in the forest… so we do enjoy life here, too.

    Seriously, I toss and turn between reading/seeing your daily happenings and ignoring them. However, presently I allow them to inspire me to push onward and forward.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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