Butterfly Wings and Other Things

With all the action the butterfly nets have already seen and all the butterflies they have already caught, it seems like a lot longer ago than Wednesday that they arrived.

These two tiny toads were brought into the house as fresh tadpoles.  We watched them morph into toads, hop out on a rock, and wait to be freed.  Always a little miracle.

Some beetle larva of some type and Noah showing me a bug he caught in his net.


The toad release expedition.



Noah’s room has officially become “The Butterfly Room” or “our own mini Wings of Paradise”.  Several butterflies and moths have been released in there, red clover has been dug up and potted, cantaloupe and sugar water sit out as an open buffet to feed our little scaled-winged insect friends.  Downstairs, various jars and containers sit on the mantel – tadpoles, newt eggs (still unhatched), a variety of caterpillars.  The big excitement today was watching a caterpillar transform into a chrysalis.  Apparently it’s a Baltimore.  Beats me.

The funniest thing to me is when we are driving along in the van and they are shouting out “clouded sulfur” or “tiger swallowtail” or “painted lady” (all butterflies).


Ben and Noah are working and playing together a lot more these days.  It’s fantastic to see them – boys as opposite as boys could be – start to reason, work, and play together…. in PEACE.  (Trust me, it’s not all peace.)

Tonight when I was tucking Noah in he was arranging all the pillows on his bed.  (He has a lot because the other night when he decided to sleep in the hall closet he moved all the extra pillows from the closet to his bed. Then he decided he wanted to keep them there.)  So he was arranging them tonight and said, “I want them over here so my bed is absolutely clean.”  And where will you sleep, I asked?  (Because he always sleeps in a different part of his bed.) “I’ll sleep right here [patting a spot] eventually.”  Even though he’s the fourth child I’m still amazed at how such little people can use words like “absolutely” and “eventually” with such fluency.

I have to write this down somewhere before I forget…. a while back the kids were all playing some game.  I think someone was the zoo keeper and everyone else had to pretend to be an animal.  They were all saying which animal they were and naming things like tigers, elephants, and lions.  Noah said, “I’m a monkey that throws poo at people.”  SO Noah.

This morning in our bed Danica burped.  Noah said, “Dani burped.”  Graeme said, “She didn’t burp, she’s a lady.”  Almost before he completed his statement Noah quipped, “She’s a burper.”  His responses come so quickly and he’s always got one.

What else can I tell you?  Do you want to know that I can’t even remember the last time Danica woke up during the night?  It was when we were up north.  And maybe one time since then she’s woken up late in the evening, but still before I in bed.

That’s all for now.  I’m going to figure out how to blog Zach’s pictures from Picasa.

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