Feeling the Pressure


  • I’m feeling it…… the pressure of 19 days left to have everything ready to load on that truck (and in our van and mini).  Actually it’s 18 days. On day 19 it has to be ready to load in the a.m.
  • We are pleased to see how our boys have stepped up to the plate since our au pair left – washing dishes, taking the dog out for his morning business, supervising Noah outside, teaching Noah new games (today it’s dominoes) to keep him happily busy.
  • Now, if only Zach was old enough to babysit!
  • Glad that the Bio-Quip order arrived this morning with butterfly nets.  They have been much anticipated.


  • marveling at this little girl…. how fast she grows, how sweet she is, how we can’t imagine our family without her


  • Noah continues to adore her, showering her with affection in his rough and tumble way.  She loves it.


  • field guide, back issues of American Scientific


  • This shot shows how big she is getting compared to Noah.  She is growing, but still a good four pounds smaller than the boys were at this age.


  • four boys at the Toronto Zoo this past weekend


  • Danica at the zoo


  • this is the animal Ben most wanted to see.  Two were sleeping – both right at windows.  The third bear was swimming.  After a few rounds we discovered that his pattern never changes.  Push off on the back float, paw on this corner, push off with foot on same corner, arrive at other side, roll over, stand up, launch off on front float – face in water, lift face out of water, push off on back float….. cycle repeats….. dozens and dozens of times.  Perhaps hundreds?  We didn’t stay around long enough to know.


  • Danica is enjoying her new seat at the table. Thanks to our friends we visited this weekend – she now has a high chair!  For anyone curious about her eating habits…. she is starting to eat food and so far has liked everything (though not crazy about bananas…. she is her mother’s daughter).  I’m hoping her temperament similar to Gabe’s extends into the eating department!
  • Thankful for a friend’s visit yesterday and her generous offer that I go out and run errands (I did) and further offers to help.  Thankful for others who have offered that I could drop my kids off while I pack. Thankful for friend who has picked up my big boys and delivered them with her boys to several activities. Thanks, friends!
  • Enjoying NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson on audio CD whenever I drive anywhere. Planning to order the book.
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7 Responses to Feeling the Pressure

  1. Lisa says:

    Next nice afternoon, why don’t you drop the four boys over here for a couple of hours. I’m sure they can amuse themselves, especially with those new butterfly nets. It’ll all get done — don’t worry!

  2. grandma betty says:

    great pics—can hardly wait to see everybody–much love—ma

  3. Joanna says:

    I love the pic of the boys at the zoo!! The only thing Ben is missing is a fanny pack then he’d totally be a tourist!!! HeeHee!! Cannot wait for you guys to get back on the shield!!!! 🙂

  4. Paisley says:

    hang in there angie girl … you’ll make it through!
    and soon … playing by the lake in your own backyard will be the reward!
    counting down with you!

  5. Charlotte says:

    I’m SO missing all of you ! And Danica is growing too fast… we definitely have to have a little chat on skype when you will be at your new place, by that time I will be back from my exams and we both won’t have so much pressure hehe
    Send my love to the boys and Danica.

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