I/We am/are/have been……..

  • mulching gardens
  • planting a few seeds and flowers
  • looking forward to planting a “real” garden
  • wondering how much longer the starling chicks will poop all over the front step (post, van, driveway) before they fly away from the nest
  • wondering how I will scrub off all that cement-like bird crap
  • walking to the pond to see geese
  • scrubbing baseboards and window frames
  • glad for Magic Erasers and trying not to think about what might be in them
  • taking evening walks with various children (all my own) or sometimes no children and my lovely neighbor
  • de-cobwebbing
  • purging
  • yet… accumulating books
  • dreaming about the lake, bonfires, stars…. really bright stars, no traffic sounds
  • taking boys to archery while Graeme was away
  • having treats and drinks at Tim Horton’s because archery turned out to be cancelled
  • while at Tim’s, talking about traveling North America in a motor home or camper trailer (it started out as a “wouldn’t that be neat…” conversation, but has now turned into a “can we start planning for….” thing)
  • vacuuming/cleaning behind and under things that haven’t been cleaned in a while
  • thinking how grateful I am for such a contented, smiley, good-sleeping baby
  • thinking that it’s really risky to have another one…. just in case
  • estimating….. area, length, kidney beans…..
  • reading, reading, reading
  • drawing
  • knitting a little
  • using up food out of freezer and cupboards
  • salivating at the thought of wild blueberries
  • waiting to hear a loon again
  • tired of having to say “it’s packed”
  • playing baseball (only Zach played – his first game – with the homeschool group and loved it. We’ll try to all go once a week until we leave.)
  • wanting to see friends a lot before we leave
  • counting down the days
  • excited
  • looking forward to seeing friends/family up north
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2 Responses to I/We am/are/have been……..

  1. Paula says:

    I am all about the blueberries this summer! So excited to be there for August.

  2. Angela says:

    We should go out picking together.

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