• At breakfast this morning we told the kids that Graeme would be signing a rental contract later in the day for a house that we had all looked at.  Zach said, “I guess you’re crossing the Rubicon”.  At my blank stare, he proceeded to explain the reference.
  • I’ve found the last few weeks to be a stressful time of deciding where to live. We’re relieved to have made a decision.  There are still issues to figure out…. what furniture will fit into the house, what furniture we’ll store, sell, give away, and what rental furnishings we’ll ask them to leave. And there will still be the issue of finding a house or land to build on, but at least we’ll be here to look for it. The house has its idiosyncrasies and I think it might feel a bit tight sometimes, but there are many perks.    “Our house” is on the lake.  We can swim, kayak, ice fish, cast for rainbows off shore, cross country ski, skate for miles when the conditions are right, etc. right out our front door.  The roads are quiet for biking.  There is a public sand beach within walking distance.  We’ll be a short drive to a giant provincial park with hiking, biking, and skiing trails. It’s close to a down hill ski hill.  We’re already learning who to get eggs, veggies, and meat from.  Just need to find some goat milk.  We should have some good adventures.
  • Only a few days left until we head home.  I think driving south might be a bit depressing, but some little people (one two year old in particular) will really benefit from being back in their own beds with their own stuff in their own house.
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10 Responses to Stuff

  1. paisley says:

    yay!! The only question remaining: when does the lease start!?! Yay for M’s in TBay again!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Some of us in London wish the M’s would stay here!! 🙂

      Glad you found something, albeit temporary. Looking forward to getting in lots of visits before the final move back up north.

  2. Arthur says:

    I’m glad you found a house. With so much to do out your back door maybe the smallness inside the front door won’t matter so much. =) I totally understand the need for a toddler to be at home in his own bed with his own things. I’m an adult and I still feel that way after being gone awhile. (It was good to check here and find an update. I’ve missed your posts. =)

  3. Arthur says:

    oops, I’m signed in under my hubby’s name. I’m Iris, not Arthur. =)

  4. grandma betty says:

    we are soooo happy the decision has been made and you always turn everything into a positive experience anyway. The lake will be enjoyed by all as will the activities so close by. we have some new acquaintances that own a house in the same area, so we will have to get their name and firenumber out to you when you move. Safe trip and we love you lots——-ma

  5. Andrea says:

    *green* (with envy)

    I am truly happy to hear this for you.

    [And I know about the Rubicon! Ha! And I cannot wait to cross it myself 🙂 ]

  6. paisley says:

    thinking of you, hoping you’re home safe and sound!

  7. Robyn says:

    Glad you found a place! I’m still going to write you back the “real” letter you sent! Loved it.

  8. Neal says:

    Thanks for the update, Angie. Glad that things are taking shape.

    “Crossing the Rubicon”, eh? 🙂 Smart kid, there.

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