Scrapping the Script



When Zach was finished with the real baby, trying to make her laugh, another “baby” showed up on his lap.DSC_0011

Noah sometimes sleeps with Pin.  I’m not sure if Pin is in the house or Noah is in the stable.


Left: I seem to be doing this more frequently.  Right: The dragons and dinosaurs are checking out Dani.


She laughs!  It’s priceless.




Left: We’re working on “Symbol Mastery” from The Gift Of Dyslexia. I notice there is a revised and enhanced version available too.

Right: Zach made a scavenger hunt game for a day we were having friends over.  He got the idea from a book we were reading, but he said their clues were too easy so he made up his own set of clues.  They were all good, but my favorite is the one shown above.  It reads,
“Look for me near something turquoise,
You’ll find me there, I hope.
My moons were named for characters by Shakespeare,
And poems of Alexander Pope.”

For the record, we haven’t been reading or listening to any Shakespeare lately (though Jim Weiss’ Shakespeare for Children has been enjoyed by all), nor have we read any Alexander Pope.  He picked up this trivia from Exploring the Solar System: A History with 22 Activities.


These guys have been cruising through Story Of The World CDs on the iPods.  We’ve also scrapped the script in the Story Of The World Activity Books, and this seems to really enhance their enjoyment.  Zach, who loves maps, was finding the map-work quite boring.  (And it was.) But now they colour them the way they wish – as they listen at their own pace – make their own notations and markings, and they just don’t want to stop!

We’ve recently been introduced to – and then purchased – some grammar curriculum that I’m really excited about.  I’ll save that for another post.

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