Quinzee – Part I


These first few photos have nothing to do with the quinzee.  Just a cute little girl saying, “Yo, what’s up?”  And below, “Can someone get him off of me?”


Now she’s saying, “YAY!  He’s not on top of me.”  And he is pretending to be a baby and flail his arms and legs around.  And then there is a shot of Noah’s feet and scattered Magic Tree House books….. got over a dozen through an ad on Kijiji.


Ok… and finally, the snow fort!  Two days ago, since the ice was too soft to skate and the “Snow Man House of Horrors” was done, Charlotte, Zach, and Gabe hauled snow by sled from all over the field to make a heap of the white stuff.  They let it harden over night.  Then yesterday they dug and dug.  And Charlotte was in her first quinzee!




It was such a beautiful day that Ben and Gabe did some biking!  Ben was sure summer was just around the Ben.  I mentioned the likely possibility that we could get more snow before winter is over.   Today was the day.  It’s about as snowy as it’s been all winter!  As much as those sun-filled, spring-like days get me excited for the season to come, it is only February after all.  Winter isn’t over yet.  We can’t get the garden trowel out (unless it’s for digging a quinzee).  So it might as well be winter.  That’s what I figure.  So I got out on my skis today and that made me happy.  Not that I wasn’t happy before I skied… but you know what I mean.


There are big plans for the snow fort tonight.  Maybe I’ll have Part II posted before the evening is over.

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One Response to Quinzee – Part I

  1. Robyn says:

    the snowmen are hilarious. and yay for magic tree house! our kids love those too. it’s still hard for me to imagine you w/ a girl – wish i could see you together 🙂 she’s adorable.

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