The Week in Pictures

Pin the Pony and the Mean Knight strike again!

Foosball game.


One bag per boy.  More have been sewn since these photos.  It’s making good use of the piles of upholstery fabric sample books I snagged last year via Freecycle. Oh, and the snap press that I purchased for making cloth diapers? Great, simple fasteners for kids’ projects!

On the odd days that Danica is fussy there are lots of baby holders.  Some are more helpful than others. (The one on the right!)  😉

The Magic Tree House…. complete with 80% of the books off the shelves.

Ben is burping his exceptionally large (and bossy) baby.

Sleeping beauty.

Zach helping Ben with math.



I love these pictures!



The new Magic Tree House…. my attempt at keeping the cushions on the couch.

Not in pictures:

  • Z and Charlotte skated on the rink behind our house yesterday
  • Z lasts a lot longer on skates when hockey sticks and pucks are involved
  • Grae, Z, and G are heading out there right now
  • now that I know we are going “home” next month I feel even more anxious to move back.  It will be exciting returning here, because it will be time to pack and all that “wonderful” stuff related to moving.
  • Z and G have tap shoes now!  Ben and Noah love to wear them – as big as they are – to practice their steps in.
  • Ben wasn’t very enthusiastic about tap at the beginning, but he’s getting into it.
  • I hope we find a house when we are up north….. one with a garden ready to go.  Have I mentioned that before?  Oh, how much I’d like to be preserving our own food THIS fall.
  • I can’t believe that by the end of this month it will have been five months that Charlotte’s been here!  Where does the time go?
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3 Responses to The Week in Pictures

  1. el burro says:

    I love all of the pictures. The one with Noah reflected in the mixing bowl is my favorite of this bunch. Danica has grown so much!!

  2. paisley says:

    is Noah nibbling Danica’s finger in that one picture! I think you need to feed him more!! haha!!
    Did you get that pic of Gabe peaking out of the jacket. I suddenly wondered if i actually sent it, or if I just dreamed that I sent it?

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