My new favourite magazine.

A few days ago I stumbled across a link to Make: Technology on Your Time.  I started following the blog.  Then, on a date with Ben last night, I picked up a copy at Chapter’s.  (We were on the hunt for Magic Tree House books, and hot chocolate, of course.)  Anyway, this magazine is loaded with just the kind of stuff I want to set our kids loose on as soon as we have some sort of “workshop” space for them again, just as soon as I’m reunited with my power tools that are presently in storage.     I’m so enamored with the magazine that I think as soon as we move back north (not now because I’d have to pack them) I’d like to order the five years of back issues!

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One Response to Make

  1. winken says:

    ha! i just found this at the downtown library two weeks ago – but you weren’t allowed to check it out! it made me think of you guys 😉 it’s a super-cool layout – i love how thick it is -full of content!

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