Mostly Pictures


It took a few tries for us to get our heads right to be all in the frame, and to see Noah in the background.  The big boys and I went for a ski yesterday with Noah in tow.  We went out on the golf course.  It was fantastic!

Noah got out for a while and had a race with his big brothers.


The other evening Noah made a face and posture at which Graeme and I looked at each other and almost at the same time said, “He likes like my/your dad.”  My dad…. Grandpa Marty.  I was trying to capture it here, but he knew he was being photographed, so it’s not quite the same.  He looked SO much like Grandpa Marty.


Super baby continues to be…. super!  She is a great sleeper, she’s mellow (mostly), and very, very smiley.


There has been a whole lot of Calvin and Hobbes here lately.  I got one book from the library (more on hold now), and it’s a hit.  Zach reads it.  Gabe reads it.  Zach reads it to Gabe.  Gabe reads it to Ben.  Ben looks at it.  I read it to Ben for a bedtime story.  Charlotte reads it to Ben.  Zach reads it to Charlotte. Noah “reads” it to himself (see below).  And, of course, Zach recites his favourite strips to us all…. over and over and over.  I love sitting on the couch nursing Danica, doing some knitting, and listening to Zach read it.  He is so expressive and there is something about a kid’s voice as Calvin.   It’s hard to describe…. I just love it.



Some Zoob creations (above), and Noah jumping off of whatever he can find or set up (below).





Fossil hunters (above).  Dishwashers (below).


Things that didn’t end up in photographs:

  • it didn’t quite work according to instructions, but my first batch of ricotta goat cheese was a success, and was lovely in my lasagna and Graeme’s chicken goat cheese enchiladas
  • tap dance is a lot of fun and a great workout!
  • yesterday I made my first goat mozzarella.  Yum!
  • the big boys are very excited about a $20 foosball table we picked up Saturday morning at Goodwill. We were out doing a thrift store circuit the day before when we spotted it. I said I had to talk to Daddy about it and besides, we wouldn’t have been able to get it in the van with all of us.  So Daddy, Zach, Danica, and I headed back to see if it was still there. It was.  We got it.  It was a little rickety, but once the screws were tightened and it was wiped down….. well, it was well worth the $20.  It’s getting LOTS of use.
  • the neighbors are actually making a rink behind the houses.  We had the hose running from our basement out to the rink yesterday.  Today they have a hose running from a house across the street.  Hopefully this is a success because it would sure be convenient to get everyone skating out back!
  • we are heading up north for a few weeks in March!  Can hardly wait and am hoping we find a house while we’re there.  Preferably, one with a garden that is ready to go in spring when we move in!  (Is that asking too much?)  We sure are looking forward to spending time with family and friends.
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One Response to Mostly Pictures

  1. Joanna says:

    This is too funny!! Those two pictures of Noah side by side, I was slowly scrolling down and thought “HOLY SMOKES!! HE LOOKS LIKE DAD!!!!” Then I read your comment and burst out laughing!! Way too funny 🙂

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