Here are a couple shots of Danica getting ready for skating.  (We all went out on Saturday and I forgot my camera at home, so no skating pics.)   But I did get Danica in this super-warm, soft outfit that at least one of her brothers wore.  I can’t believe she fits into it already and I’ll be sad when she’s outgrown it.  She’s growing too stinking fast!  I also had to get a shot of her in her pink snowsuit from Grandma Sandy!  (Baby snowsuits were one of the many things I got rid of when we moved down here.)


It seems like I left some pretty strong impressions – both on my blog and in person – about being decided on not having any more babies.  I feel I should clarify – to prevent anyone from going into shock should we have another baby! What I did say is that this labour is still more fresh in my mind (and it still is) than usual. I also said that during labour I kept thinking, “I did this to myself! I chose to do this!” But I never said that I wouldn’t do it to myself again!  The end result seems so worth it!  I always said I wanted four or six kids and now I’m at five.  What to do?  I don’t know why I always said that, but I did.  Maybe the nice roundness of even numbers? No middle child? But then don’t you have two middle children? Anyway, honestly, I feel much more inclined to have another baby now than I did after Noah was born (even with the memory of pregnancy and labour lingering stronger).  When Noah was a baby I was aware every day about him possibly being my last.  With Danica I’m thinking she could be the last, but could just as easily be the second last!  My husband seems to be pretty easy going on the matter, so….. time will tell.  There is no rush to make any decisions.  Whatever the case, I will be hanging on to maternity clothes and baby things during our next move.

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4 Responses to Clarification

  1. grandma betty says:

    she looks like a beautiful princess in that outfit!!!!!!!! what a sweety—me

  2. Pais says:

    i seriously ache to snuggle her! you’ll have to give her a snuggle for me!!!
    hope skating was fun. i’ve been doing lots of skiing in the sault (cross country). Can’t wait until i can ski with you next year in KBF!!

  3. Joanna says:

    I absolutely cannot wait to meet this sweet little girl!! Also cannot wait to see those big boys who seem to be growing WAY too fast when I am so far away 😦

  4. Andrea says:

    I hear you on the sixth… we always said 2 or 6… we now have 5 (as you know). A sixth? I have no trouble with the idea!

    Time will tell and the Lord only knows (what sweet secrets he knows about us, eh?).

    Number one goal each moment, each day: Enjoy what you have. Live fully. Love fearlessly.

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