• Danica is one month old and I have some great photos from a little photo shoot I did today.
  • I’m not sharing those photos because the computer is on the fritz again.
  • We were SO hoping it would hold out six more months….. until we can afford to replace it.
  • I’m on Charlotte’s computer right now.\
  • Noah and Ben have colds.
  • If you need to contact me…. call…. I won’t be checking email often.
  • Danica is crying so that’s all for now.
  • I’m going to attempt making my grandma’s gnocchi tonight!
  • Bye for now.
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2 Responses to Things

  1. Yerdad says:

    Your Mom attempted your Gramma’s Gnocchi the other day and it was SUPERBBIO !


  2. Pais says:

    mmmm … send some gnocchi my way!!

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