A List: I love winter and other things

  • It just occurred to me that my daughter is getting hand-me-downs from my cousin’s daughters; one of the same cousins from whom I received hand-me-downs when I was young (until I got taller than them).  I think that is cool.
  • For Christmas, my sister’s boyfriend bought her a ticket to come see me!  It’s like he bought me a Christmas present, too, and I haven’t even met him yet!
  • The other morning while Zach was in with the dentist I read an article in the most recent Canadian Living about Olympic moms.  It was inspiring because the youngest of them was thirty-one, and none of them had more than two kids.  So I thought, “Hey, maybe I can still be an Olympic biathlete.”  Granted,  likely these women were already Olympic quality before they had children, but still…….
    I’ve already done a lot of rifle training (two Ontario Winter Games and one Ontario Summer Games…. some team and individual medals).  And, well, I can ski.  And really, I don’t care about the Olympics but I would like to compete at some level.
  • Ski-archery would also be very cool.
  • Zach made a comic book for Graeme for his birthday.  The title is “Viruses vs. Cells”.  He may not be able to spell “bactyria”, but he is light years beyond me when it comes to understanding the human immune system. He still has some more colouring of  illustrations to do, and has yet to start on Part 2 – “Atack of the Bactyria”.  I love it.  Gabe made a last minute birthday card that had a lift-the-flap inside.  On one side was a skull and on the other a brain.  It said something like, “Daddy, I hope you like this.  A card for a doctor. Love, Gabe”.
  • Prior to Ben’s birthday, Gabe spent a lot of time working on a comic book for him.  Graeme and I laughed our heads off one night while we were looking at it.  There were a lot of weird monsters, swords, and heads rolling (off of their bodies).  He is so quiet and unassuming, but some pretty crazy stuff is happening in his mind.
  • Ben is loving his piano lessons we’ve just started.  I think we’re going to have to skip ahead to some more challenging stuff than what I started him on.
  • Noah is getting some molars.  We are all anxious for him to feel better….. for his sake and ours.  Lately, he’s into jumping off of furniture.  He’s very agile, but the odd time he hurts himself and he gets furious at us!
  • Danica smiles at us like crazy, and now she’s starting to make those baby “gaaah” sounds – like she’s trying to tell us something.  She’s incredible!  She is always wiggling.  When I watch her constant movements I can almost feel her inside me again.  She was always in motion.
  • I got out for a ski with Jaska a couple of nights ago. There was fresh snow on the ground and more falling.  I smiled all the way around the loop.  I love winter.  I love snow.
  • With chili bubbling on the stove, the big boys and I sneaked out for a ski before supper yesterday.  We did the whole loop.  I was so happy seeing my boys out there!  They loved it and they did so well for their first “real” ski of the year – and on an un-groomed, bumpy, foot-printed trail.  We love winter! Gabe said, “Can we do that at least once….. every day?”

IMG_1564I took three photos right at the start and then when I pulled out Gabe’s camera to take more later on, his battery was completely dead. 😦

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One Response to A List: I love winter and other things

  1. grandma betty says:

    so glad to hear that Ben loves the piano–sounds as if he may do very well with it—see ya soon—ma

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