Hello……my brain is fried

Everyone continues to smother this girl in hugs and kisses.

There’s been a lot of piano playing going on lately.  And the boys have been enjoying skiing.  Although I didn’t manage to get dressed the day these pictures were taken, we accomplished more important things like cross country skiing! (Hey, I didn’t need to get dressed.  I was still dressed from the day before….. wearing the clothes I fell asleep on the couch in, and after a brief debate when I realized it in the middle of the night, decided sleep was more important.)

Ben loved his “new” skis.   The gators were made quickly out of a pair of my hole-ridden Smart Wool socks.  I knew I was hanging on to those for a reason.  Ben said, “I know why they are called gators….. they’re a gate for the snow. Gate-ers.”  I love the word connections he makes (or makes up).

And my little Bush Baby all suited up to run errands with Mommy.  Of course, everyone thought she was a boy.  I’ll have to change the tag to “Bush Chick”!

That’s all I can write because my brain can’t muster up any more coherent thoughts for the day.

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2 Responses to Hello……my brain is fried

  1. Joanna says:


    Only 45 more sleeps until I get to come see you guys!!! YAY!!! 🙂 I cannot wait, it seems like the days are passing too slowly when I am anxiously waiting to see you all again and meet the newest little addition to our family!!! 🙂 Miss you all lots & lots!

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