The End of a Year, The Start of Another

A few things about the last of our year…..

  • we all got colds just before Christmas
  • Uncle Ade visited for 24 hours…. I hope he didn’t get the cold
  • Graeme and I made cabbage rolls with this recipe (we used crushed tomatoes instead of tomato soup, and poured lots of tomato juice over top before baking them in the oven rather than a skillet). Yum… they were good.
  • the following day I made perogies for the first time….. the alterations on this recipe were: plain yogurt for sour cream, and goat cheddar for cheddar.  Also… skipped the “cheese sauce”.
  • we got snow!  and more snow!  and it’s still coming down.  Winter is so much better with snow.
  • we enjoyed New Year’s Day with friends, sort of celebrating G’s birthday a day late, but primarily making and eating donuts.  We had to wait this long for the snow so that we could make them!  (See The Donut Tradition and Recipe)  I halved the batch this year, which was a much more manageable and sane quantity of donuts!
  • Graeme took the big boys tubing yesterday
  • I took the little boys skiing around the yard, pulled them in sled and on the GT around the yard , etc. yesterday,  and listened in the door every so often to find out if Danica was screaming.
  • Noah wants race car books from the library and asks me every few hours…. “Oh, remember you were getting race car books for me?”
  • A big John Deere plowed the streets.  Noah loved that.  He went outside with G and the brothers and told G, “I want to drive that.”  He is obsessed with motor vehicles, in particular, heavy equipment.
  • Charlotte went away for a week…. Montreal and New York.  She returned safely last night.  Unlike our last au pair, she didn’t end up at any “clothing optional” Couch Surfing places.
  • I got out on my x-country skis today.  Wahoo!  I love skiing.  I would have liked to go farther, but I could feel my pelvis, still not quite back to normal, and thought I better start easy.
  • Still haven’t managed to shift Danica to an earlier bed time.  When she is awake she is so alert, bright eyed, and responsive.  When she is asleep, she is ASLEEP.  And 1:00 to 1:30am seems to be her favourite time to crash for the night.  I would complain more about this if she didn’t then sleep for seven solid hours (most nights).

Ok… a few pics and that’ll wrap it up for now.  I wish everyone reading this a Happy New Year!







Zach can get Danica smiling so easily by whistling.  She smiles whenever we talk to her, except between 10pm and 1am, when she is a little fussy.

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4 Responses to The End of a Year, The Start of Another

  1. Robyn says:

    I wish we could have done donuts together this year! We just now got our first “stay” snow too… I’ll have to find a donut partner 🙂
    Love the little bum in the other post!!!

  2. Angie says:

    Robyn, I would have loved to do donuts with you too! Hope you find a donut partner out there! Maybe one day we’ll be doing it together again…. ya never know. And I never give up on giving not-so-subtle messages for my friends to all move to our city! (The one we will be in in six months.)

  3. Donna says:

    how about a subtle message about ‘our country’ come and see us this summer.

  4. Angie says:

    You mean at MPL, right? We’re on.

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