Two Weeks Old






As time often does, it passes quickly and slowly at the same time.  It’s already been two weeks, and yet….. has it really only been two weeks? It’s hard to imagine what life was like without this little person being – physically, visibly – here!

She continues to be a pretty mellow baby.  She has had a habit of being a week for a few or more hours late evening, which has meant I can’t get to sleep until she does between midnight and 2am.  However, for the past two nights we’ve moved earlier and earlier.  A good sign.  And once she’s down – even if it is really late – she sleeps for a long stretch (usually five or six hours, but up to eight one night!).  So I won’t complain.  I’ll just keep trying to force her awake in the afternoon and evening so that she’s tired earlier.  It’s really hard because when she is sleeping, she sleeps like a rock.

Over the past week I felt a lot of achy body, headachy stuff.  I know this happened after other births – some worse than others.  I think it’s hormonal, and probably partly related to a redistribution of body weight and different muscles being used.  Anyway, that’s been a lot better over the last two days, too.  I’m almost feeling ready to put on my skates and try out the pond.  However, with each consecutive baby,  I’m also feeling a little wiser about stuff like that.  I’m more patient to wait, to allow my body to fully recover, and also to accept or even ask for help.  And after each baby, there are more little helpers to ask!

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7 Responses to Two Weeks Old

  1. Pais says:

    she looks so happy in some of those pictures!! what a cutie!

  2. grandma betty says:

    can hardly wait to see her live!!!!!!! I may come up in Jan instead as grandma is not doing well—will decide soon and let ya know—we love you all—bet

  3. Pais says:

    also … I found the pic of gabe in the jacket. it’s cuter than i remember! just gotta get the scanner going. also a few other pics of zach and gabe around that time that just KILL me they are so cute. I’ll scan ’em all and send them to you asap.

  4. Chrissy says:

    Hey there lady! She is adorable. Times like this I would like another! (ask me 1 hour ago and I would have had a different opinion, it was 5 am and Mikey thought it would be a great morning to arise at such a time!) I have a magnet you gave me with Zach as a baby, it is on the filing cabinet and yes, Danica looks a lot like it! I need to call you and catch up… we had and are having a crazy holiday. (we got a wonderful, totally surprise visit from Marks brother in Toronto, he is with us right now in Red lake) Anyways, Love you, miss you and give that baby a hug for me (not quite as hard as a death grip as Noah but pretty close……)

  5. Robyn says:

    so nice to catch up on your life…danica is a sweetie. i love the pic of her in the crib/playpen. also a great header! that’s a lot of feet! 🙂

  6. Leeanna says:

    love the pics….so cute, you are so blessed 🙂

  7. Neal says:

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    And thanks for all the pictures, Angela. All my Japanese friends who see them are in awe of you and Graeme!

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