Fun on the Pond

Graeme rounded up some rubber hose, bought some rubber hose, and flooded the pond last night.  This afternoon we all went out there and everyone had a blast!

Noah’s expression sums up the whole experience.



We were short on hockey sticks so we had a small broom and a large beach shovel.  Everyone had to take turns.  We’re going to find more hockey sticks and some nets.  Also on the agenda for tomorrow…. figure out who has skates that fits and who needs some.


Danica was cozy inside the “pouch”.  I sewed this when Gabe was a baby to keep him snug and warm on walks in the Winnipeg winter wind.  It zipped onto my jacket, but now I have a different jacket.  I was going to find a matching zipper and sew a new one in, but today I realized Graeme’s jacket had the same kind of zipper!  So we’re trading jackets for a while.  The Pouch has a little window so that once baby is facing out he/she can peek out.  I have a great photo somewhere of Gabe peeking out (Paisley, it was from you, do you have a copy you could email me?), but I couldn’t find it in the box I thought it was stored in.



Ben was hilarious.  He wasn’t too thrilled about going outside, and as soon as he hit the ice he slammed back on it. We all waited for the inevitable whine, and request to go back to the house.  But he was SO happy.  He fell SO many times – hard – and every time he got back up with a grin and ran off as fast as before.


All the happy faces made Graeme happy about the effort he’d put into it.  He was back out there putting on another coat tonight.

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2 Responses to Fun on the Pond

  1. grandma betty says:

    looks like a lot of fun—you really need to copyright that design of yours—you talked about it before—great idea. the pic of the 5 kids together is great too–talk to ya tomorrow hopefully–me

  2. Pais says:

    I’ll look for the pic angie! it’ll be a hard copy, so i’ll need to find the box with pics! i’ll letcha know!
    Merry Christmas!

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