One More Day

Yay!  My mom will be here tomorrow.  Everyone is planning to go to the airport with me to retrieve Grandma.

That means….. one more day after that until I have the baby!  If I say it enough, it will happen, right? Right?  Well, anyway, since I want to be prepared to have a baby in a couple of days, the usual morning routine of word lists, definitions, cursive writing, printing, math, etc. went out the window.  Instead I opted to make sure everyone was bathed, for starters.  It was overdue.  And I don’t want that to get too lost in the bustle of having a baby.  Of course, I might have to go through this at least a couple more times before I actually have the baby, but nothing like a good excuse to get four fresh smelling kids.   Other than that, there was some pretty intense paper airplane engineering going on.  There are piles of them – many without any redeeming aerodynamic features – but they all need to be saved for future instruction writing for a future book of paper airplanes.  (Coming to a bookstore near you! I’ll let you in on an insider tip, though: one volume is going to be the “not so good flyers” and the other is going to have the good ones.  I’d skip the “not so goods”.) There was a lot of precise measuring and cutting going on for some airplanes being made from an already published book (by some other author though).  All good.

The dog got his walk.  The pelvis split apart a wee bit more.

I slipped out to the grocery store and the nearby Home Depot.  (It’s amazing how two new light bulbs have given the kitchen a whole new look.)  While I was out I thought I’d like to start carrying a small camera with me on these outings to take pictures of all the things I find ridiculous.  A couple examples, you ask?  How about the floor mats with a scene of all types of toys and reading “Dear Santa, I want it all”?  Or the Girls Night Out Wine Feature poster reading (maybe not verbatim), “It doesn’t matter how much a pair of shoes hurts, as long as they look great”?  Maybe I just really hate shopping so these things seem more ridiculous than they really are.  Maybe I’m just such a hick (in my patched up sweat pants and rubber boots…. ask the neighbors) that I can’t appreciate sophistication when I see it.

That’s the day.  Time to wind up bed time.

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3 Responses to One More Day

  1. Lisa says:

    Oooh…I hope it is only a couple more days! How nice that your mom is coming to help out. I’m not going to burden you with dinner plans at this point…after baby comes we’ll have you guys over here for another visit.

    BTW — I hate shopping too (a little secret — I order most of my Christmas presents online and wait for the mailman to bring them to my door)! Another thing we have in common :-).

  2. Robyn says:

    I really hope for your sake baby comes tomorrow! 🙂 2 of my babies “had” to come on a certain day because of my mom and D’s schedules, and God had everything planned out, down to the hour (literally!). Hang in there! 🙂

  3. Robyn says:

    P.S. I don’t think you have to be hick to think those signs are stupid. I can’t believe someone would actually put a floor mat out like that!

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