The Fourth Kind

Some time ago – maybe a year – Zach and I watched a program on TV at my parents’ place about a supposed portal into a third dimension, a passage-way for alien entry.  I can’t even remember many specifics about the show.  However, it did ignite a lot of interest and questions from Zachary.   Encounters of the third and fourth kinds have always caught my interest, but I had never really taken the time to learn more about it.  It was time.

I mentioned this summer that we listened to Alien Intrusion on CD during our road trip.  It was an excellent listen, is an excellent and informative book, and I would highly recommend it for anyone curious about alien encounters.  Since listening to it, I’ve followed any alien stories with a little more interest – as time allows (which isn’t a whole lot).  With the new movie The Fourth Kind out, I’ve also been following some reviews/critiques of it.  It has received generally unfavorable reviews and holds a 16% “rotten” standing on Rotten Tomatoes.  The deceptive marketing campaign has also received some flak.  Yet, many comments reveal an emotional and passionate resonance with the movie, whether from personal experience or from wanting to believe.   (Sorry no links for now…. I might find time to re-find them later.)

Anyway, as I already said, I highly recommend Alien Intrusion if you are at all interested in a rational look at the alien encounter issue.  Especially if you plan to see the movie (which I haven’t yet seen).

A couple other interesting things to note:

A survey of belief in the paranormal author, Jan Walsh observes:

“The minds of the British public are open to all kinds of other-worldly phenomenon.”   Although these results do not fit with a range of other surveys which consistently show a much higher belief in God, this survey and others do show that  for many Britons, belief in the supernatural or in aliens appears to have taken over from orthodox beliefs.

And two surveys that, when compared, reveal:

“As people attain higher college-education levels, the likelihood of believing in paranormal dimensions increases.”

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