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Photo 47This afternoon I took the dog around “the loop”.  It was the most uncomfortable walk I’ve had yet (this pregnancy).  Baby felt very heavy and low and I could no longer push out of my mind what I’m in for in a short while.   Oh well.  I had willful amnesia, and I’ve no doubt that when I see that little baby I will start thinking about doing it “one more time”. Who am I kidding?  I’m already thinking about that.

CamA few nights ago – one or two nights after telling a friend our dog never barks at night – our dog was barking.   He will woof a couple times and then stop, even if a raccoon is up his tree.  But here he was, barking, and not stopping.  I got up, opened the window, and in my deep, mean voice said, “Jaska….”   I was planning to follow that with something like “shut-up” or “be quiet”, but then I saw two coyotes RIGHT next to him.  They were just beyond his reach and casually walking past, pausing frequently to look at him.  I couldn’t believe they would come so close to the city.  I’ve seen them before way across the field and they run as soon as they notice I’m there.  These guys were having a nice little stroll along the very edge of suburbia.  After they left he started howling.  He’s howling right now.  He howls when he can hear them.  I’m bringing him in at night, even though I think he prefers to stay out.  I don’t want him at an unfair advantage against the coyotes, nor do I want to wake up to the barking and howling several times a night.

October 2009
These are some leaves we waxed a little while ago.

1. melt paraffin wax over a double boiler
2. dip leaves (previously pressed or not)
3. enjoy some cool results

The last thing to discuss is…. why in the world am I still up?   Goodnight.

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7 Responses to More of This-and-That

  1. Robyn says:

    Love the belly picture!!! I never thought of waxing leaves. What a good idea – my kids want to save so many of them and I don’t know what to do w/ them.

  2. Angie says:

    The question remains…. what do you do with hundreds of waxed leaves? I have some ideas. A nature mobile; embroidered onto a card (might crack wax); a fall banner to string across the ceiling……. I saw another cool idea for leaves here:

    (scroll down to the last two photos…. the leaf lantern)

  3. paisleytrusdale says:

    i also love the belly shot! wish i was closer to visit/help/watch your tummy grow!
    happy nesting/house clearing!

  4. grandma betty says:

    glad that all are well and you are still feeling ok. Yes the babe will most likely come in DEc—haven’t been early yet!!!!!! Am just getting used to the new puter–have not worked out lots of things yet, but hopefully it will come soon–can hardly wait to teach blair who loves all things computer. Will let ya know when I am ready to try ichat—should be quite the experience–much love—ma

  5. Angie says:

    Z was actually early. We will await your iChat call!

  6. meagger says:

    Looking good Ang, pat that little one on the tummy for me (or bum, or elbow, whichever is sticking out the most right now) Take care,

  7. Anna says:

    Hi Angie…I still check in once in awhile, scary about the coyotes coming so close to residential neighbourhoods.
    How much longer until you move back up north and how much longer until the baby comes?
    Jaska’s mom is hopefully having babies too in mid December. She has not had any since Jaska’s litter, so it has been awhile.
    Take care, Anna

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