Our Names

Somehow, at lunch today, the question was posed to Noah, “What is Daddy’s name?” He thought and looked up in the corner of his eye trying to “see” it in his mind. Zach gave him a hint, “Graaaaae….” Noah was quick to complete it as, “Grae of the Rings”. Everyone thought that was funny, so when he was asked Mommy’s name and given the hint, “Angggge….” he quipped, “Angeline the Baker”.

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4 Responses to Our Names

  1. paisleytrusdale says:

    that little guy is a laugh a minute! Although now I will begin to address all emails to Graeme as GOTR!!

  2. grandma betty says:

    too cute for words—how apropos for both of you!!!! thanx for the help with the puter questions. No doubt I will be phoning often once the new one is up and running. Stay well—me

  3. Andrea says:

    GOTR… if I were privy to Graehme’s (ugh, sorry I really do not KNOW how to spell that name… it sure is not German 😯 ) email I would also address him as GOTR…

    ATB is also kind of cool: All Terraine Babe!

  4. sara says:

    that is pricelss angie.

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