Photos: A small sampling from the last three weeks

Of course, there are a lot of photos I would have posted in the last few weeks if I had a working computer, but here is only a small sampling.  (They’re all on Flickr.)  We have a working computer back.  After a clean install and the new RAM (which apparently we still needed) it’s like a new machine.  I have all my photos on Flickr (pretty much) and I had backed up some other important things.  I’m sure there are a few lost items that I would have liked to back up, but nothing I’ll die over.  In a way, it’s very liberating.  It means I never have to try to sort through all that stuff!  Now if only someone could come and do a clean install on my house!

October 2009
We cut these face parts of of magazines for an art project (see below for an example… it’s Gabe’s), and Ben and Noah found another fun use for them.

October 2009October 2009
On the right, Noah is having a chat with Grandma.

October 2009
This photo was taken on a Sunday morning a few weeks back when I started my sweater.  (That’s the sweater I’m aiming for in the picture.)

October 2009
Here’s Ben taking a little turn at the cello.

October 2009
Just after we arrived home from our “girls’ day out” I snapped this picture of our guys.  There is a girl in the picture…. she was also with us on the girls’ trip, but was eager to greet the dads and brothers.  We went to a fleece festival.

October 2009
A new house for Jaska and four boys testing out the stability of the engineering.

October 2009
We found these four vicious looking woodsmen on a recent walk in the maple forest.

October 2009
A vicious “bad-guy” au pair was also on the scene.

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2 Responses to Photos: A small sampling from the last three weeks

  1. Paisley says:

    lovely shots of your boys!
    could we have a tummy update picture of the Mommy?! I miss seeing you grow through the pregnancy!
    miss you!

  2. Joanna says:

    Great photos! I am sooo happy your blog is back up and running, I miss you and the boys terribly!

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