*sniff sniff* “I smell snow”

“Noah, look!  It snowed! ” I could hear Ben from my bed this morning.

Then Noah, “Ohhhh….. snowwwww!  It’s beaugiful!” (beautiful)

Not too long after we were all up the phone rang.  It was Graeme.  “Put Zach on the phone.  I need to tell him he was right.”

Last night Graeme took the two big boys out to watch a fencing class.  Apparently, they walked out the door and Zach sniffed a couple of times then said, “It’s going to snow tonight.  I can smell it.”  Graeme argued that it wasn’t cold enough to snow.  Again, when they returned home Zach sniffed the air and said he could smell snow and that it was going to snow.  Sure enough, it snowed.

As soon as the boys finished breakfast they were digging through winter stuff – that I have yet to sort out – so that they could go outside.   I couldn’t offer much help since I was in a hurry to make my goat milk pick up and then a dentist appointment.  Finally, they agreed that they could just go out with shoes, light jackets, and the mitts they could already find.  After all, it was only about one centimeter of snow. It’s not like it was knee high and minus twenty.  Not yet.

I might be the only one excited about my dentist appointment, but it was such a better cleaning than  last time that I just have to talk about it.  My nine months of increased effort and discipline in flossing, mouth washing, and sometimes even gum massaging with the rubber “nib” they gave me last time, has all payed off.   Last time it felt like a rototiller had been over my gums, I remember spitting out a lot of blood, and the pain lasted for a couple of days.  My gums had never been in such bad shape.  This cleaning was a breeze.

Another thing I’ll mention about my dentist visit is that the hygienist told me that every time she looks at my sweater she thinks of Bert and Ernie.  Unfortunately, I can’t include an image of my sweater but I will when I get my own computer back up and running.  I thought it was pretty funny since Graeme made the same comment.  It is a ThymeMaternity sweater that I got for $7 at Value Village.  For $7, I don’t mind looking like a character off of Sesame Street.

Speaking of sweaters….. the one that I’m knitting is coming along nicely.  I’ve never had to pick up so many stitches (ones that I’ve accidentally dropped) as I have on this project.  I have a bad habit of pulling them off (hard) while trying to slide more sweater around the circle toward the tip of the needle.  I’m getting really good at repairing dropped stitches.  I’m doing a fairly decent job at not allowing the sweater to overtake my life and consume me until it is done.  I’m working on moderation!  It’s not so difficult with so many other demands pulling at me.  Really, I just try to sit down for a little off-my-feet break and knit a couple of rows in the afternoon, and then a few more in the evening.  It’s amazing how quickly it adds up.

What else can I tell you?  The boys have a lot of fun playing with Charlotte.  She never seems to tire of them.  Often, later in the evening when I think that if I were her I’d be hiding in my room, she is playing yet another game of cards or blind man’s bluff or hide and seek or some animal and car game with Noah.  She is also a dish washing machine.  The dishes disappear from the table so quickly and by the time I turn around to see where they’ve gone they are usually already washed.  I have to hold her back once in a while so the big boys can keep practiced up on washing dishes.  It’s also created a new challenge for Zach and Gabe.  They like to remember to clear their own dishes immediately….. “before Charlotte gets them”.

Zach made pizza tonight.  I was overseeing the process while preparing some stuff for spanakopita, but he pretty much did everything by himself.  It was delicious.  I noticed the salt was missing in the crust, but with all the other flavours of pizza it doesn’t really matter.  I’ve left out the salt in bread before and that’s another story.  Not a good idea.  Not that I did it purposely, but the real bummer was it was on a 20 loaf batch.

I better call it quits.  I sense the aimless rambling could start (if it hasn’t already).

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2 Responses to *sniff sniff* “I smell snow”

  1. grandma betty says:

    I can already see that sweater!!!!!!!!! fond memories of bert and ernie—two of my favorite “people”. Love to all–me

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