Wanted: Chicken Pox

Yesterday morning I informed the boys that we likely weren’t exposed to chicken pox in a recent attempt to be.  I had just found out that our little friend still hadn’t broken out in spots.  Zach surprised me by groaning, “Awwww….”   I said, “What? Are you really disappointed?”  He said he’d rather get it than be vaccinated, then he said, “Couldn’t you put an ad on Kijiji?  ‘Wanted: Chicken Pox’.”  I laughed and he said, “You never know.  It’s worth a try.”

I found out later in the evening that our friend did seem to have the early signs of pox so it is possible they contracted it.  However, it was several days before that they all played together so I’m thinking the chances are slim.  Another thing I’ve thought of since then is that if they all got it one-be-one, spread out in two week intervals, that could put us into newborn baby time which wouldn’t be so great.

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6 Responses to Wanted: Chicken Pox

  1. iris says:

    Angie, I could have laughed when I saw the title of this post. I’ve been “on the lookout” for chicken pox for YEARS! I really don’t want to get the vaccines for our kids but they are getting older and older and no one seems to just get the desease anymore. Now we live on an isolated Rez. where the nurses give the vaccine to EVERYONE! When I declined for our family she said “Oh well, no one else will be getting it around you so you’re safe anyway.” Well, actually, that sorta upsets me cause I WANT my kids to get it. I think she thought I had NO brains whatsoever. And so, my quest for the pox continues. Let me know if your ad is successful. I just may have to fly a couple of my kids to your house for a few days. 🙂 BTW, If your boys were all exposed at the same time, they just may all break out at the same time. My 2 sisters and I all broke out the same Sunday morning, 2 weeks after our little brother broke out. (Sorry this got so long. I’ve missed your regular blogging.)

  2. rhondablogs says:

    i also want chicken pox! before we moved here i thought we’d have a great chance to get them here, but nope. even here they vaccinate against them. 😦 so i’m still looking, too. i’m wondering how old is “too” old? if they don’t get them before they’re 12 or 13, should i just give up and vaccinate them? argh. who would have thought that chicken pox would be hard to find?

    when are you due?

    • grandma betty says:

      Rhonda—I am Ange’s motherinlaw and a family doc. If the boys have not had thepox before they hit puberty, you should vaccinate them as getting pox after that, could render them sterile—just a word to the wise.

  3. el burro says:

    Speaking of newborn baby time, I’ve been thinking of you and your tummy, and hoping that this pregnancy is being kind to you. Very much looking forward to the Big News!

  4. Leeanna says:

    Jayda is the only one who has been vaccinated, so we are thinking we will have an outbreak soon, have not even seen it around the area..lol but an ad would be funny!!
    Willow will be getting it too, when she is old enough

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