Here’s a very quick update before eating supper.  Computer is back in the shop….. Graeme took it. Sounds like they are going to put our old RAM back in, do a clean install (which is what we suggested in the first place except our own discs are in storage up north), and refund us our money for the RAM.  Hopefully this all results in a working computer.  Anyway…..

The date…. well… we spent four hours in the car.  The first two hours were spent on the 401 trying to get to a show in Toronoto…. to see a couple of musicians at a little place where we could also order dinner.  After slowing down to a 40km crawl and making it, yes, 40km in one hour, we realized we’d be there too late to order dinner.  This would be a problem, particularly for me, pregnant as I am.   On top of that…. there was no sign of the traffic improving so as far as we could tell it was like that all the way to Toronto.  It didn’t look much better heading the other direction.  Finally, we made the call to go home.  We took another highway off and went home a different way.  Four hours later, we were warming up pasta sauce that I’d left for supper here for Charlotte and the kids.  It’s hard to even say, “Well,  how nice. We had four hours alone in the car together.”  Yes, we did….. in the pouring rain…. stuck on the 401.  All we could say, really, was, “How do people spend their lives down here?”  There are just way to many humans. It doesn’t matter where you go…. in the city, to the “country”….. there is no escape.  Some days I can hardly wait to get back in the sparsely populated north.  The rest of our weekend has been nice…. relaxing…. and Graeme hasn’t been called to work.

That’s all for now, folks.  I hope you’ve all had a lovely Thanksgiving Weekend!  I’m looking forward to being able to upload some photos again.  Next week… hopefully.

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2 Responses to quick

  1. Yerdad says:

    Ya gotta remember,…It’s the well intended thought that counts !

  2. grandma betty says:

    sounds like a very romantic evening for the two of you–it was a pleasure to talk with Zach on the weekend and listen to Toby screeching because he had to go use the potty!!!!!!!! what cruel and unusual punishment. I am off to the south and will look into minimacs as then, I just need to get amonitor, keyboard and I assume, speakers to round out my needs down there. I already can reuse the stuff I have here in MN for that purpose. I will let ya know when i get set up down there—much love—me

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