Well, I picked up the computer today. The $255 bill for diagnostics and new RAM was a lot cheaper than a new computer. Too bad it’s STILL DOING ALL THE SAME BAD STUFF!! So… Graeme will take it back in because he’ll be a lot better at discussing the next course of action with them. (Like giving us our money back for the RAM we didn’t need.)

I’ve thought of a lot of things to blog about during the week, but it’s too much of a pain to try. However, tonight, as tired as I am, I had to stay up too late and do something that wasn’t related to wiping bums, cleaning out dirty underwear, cooking, cleaning…….
I started out by eating some cereal and rolling a skein of yarn into a ball. I was hoping to cast on some stitches, too, but getting one ball rolled was enough. It’s one step toward a bigger goal…. a sweater….. and I’m seriously thinking of returning to the yarn store tomorrow for one of those spinny things (I’m sure they have a different name) for winding my other skeins into balls. I’ve slacked off in the knitting department lately, but I’m hoping for a comeback with a cardigan. I’m still, slowly, working on my second sock. They are for Graeme because they were too big for me. I’m planning to add some flip-over covers onto my fingerless mitts. Ben has fingerless mitts on order. Gabe has socks on order. I’ve had the yarn for leg warmers for a while…. for those achy legs some of the boys get at night. And I’d like a pair. And I’d like a pair for this little babe in my belly. There are a few felted projects I’d really like to get to. There is a pile of sewing (mostly repairs) that I feel obligated to finish before I start any more sewing projects. (Less than inspiring.) And I’ve got fabric to use up that I bought who-knows-when for who-knows-what. My tastes have changed, but I think I have to use it up first in order to sew “guilt free”. I have learned a lot in the past ten years.
Mostly, the days are filled up with music and math and French and reading and cooking and setting the timer to remind Noah to pee and cooking and cleaning and reading and music and trying desperately to get Noah to not be so stinking loud and cooking………. you get the point. Last night Graeme and I finally started putting together a song we’ve been working on (off and on) individually for a while. It was really fun to sing some harmony together. Now I’m working on my guitar part and hoping I can sing a harmony and keep a strumming rhythm at the same time! I had my first “Cape Breton Style Accompaniment” piano lesson a couple of days ago. Well, really it was more Ontario style, he said, but I can branch out where I want from there. It was very helpful. I think it is possible to liberate me from those little black dots! So now I’m harassing Zach to pull out his fiddle again after he’s already practised so that I can get some practice playing along with a real fiddler.
We had a really great week…… whenever the sun managed to shine we took advantage. We built our days around the times we could get outside. We filled the days inside with so many other things. I feel like we’re on a good track…. making progress on many things. But tonight I’m feeling really burnt out and wondering if it’s really Friday tomorrow and not the weekend. But I’m glad it’s Friday, because I’m going on a date with my hubby on Friday. So that’s a good thing.

Anyway, if you haven’t noticed already, I’m rambling and it’s not going to get any better, folks, so I think I’ll just call it a night and grab some much, much needed sleep.

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One Response to Grrrrrr…….

  1. Paisley says:

    nice to have a little update, although I’m sorry to hear about the computer troubles! They’d better pay you back for that new RAM … that’s crazy!
    Glad to hear about all the knitting projects! Can’t wait till you’re home, and I”m not a resident – the knitting will be amazing!
    miss you! Hope you’re date was nice!

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