A Post While the Computer Lets Me

In a rare moment of computer stability I’m going to blog a bit.  It looks like I’ll be taking the computer in somewhere to get things (hopefully) back to normal.

Ben is modeling a bag I made out of Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures.  It’s made out of a second hand table cloth. I love the bag and find myself using it wherever I go…. sticking in the odds and ends… my knitting, water bottle, library returns……..     I love the book, too.  It’s full of inspiring ideas for making use of inexpensive, repurposed stuff.  I’ve now got some ideas of how to use up some old clothes I’ve been hanging on to forever for who-knows-what.  Now I know!

A little house brought home from the curb down the street where it was put out for the taking.  It’s amazing how much use they are getting out of it, and the great thing is…. I can just stick it back out on the curb when it’s time to move (in six months, by the way, but that’ll probably be for another post).

Another birthday…. and a seven year old Gabe.

Noah planted himself on the floor with a snack and observed much of Zach’s last lesson.

On Monday I headed to Toronto with the boys.  On Tuesday I took them to the Ontario Science Center.  They had a lot of fun.


The split second after the above picture was taken Noah fell off the bridge and was hanging half in/half through the netting, clinging desperately to Gabe’s arm.  I wish I had the presence of mind to snap that one last shot before I rescued him! 🙂  It would have been so worth it.



On  Wednesday we picked up Charlotte, our new au pair, and headed home.

That’s all for now.  Children to tend to……

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3 Responses to A Post While the Computer Lets Me

  1. grandma betty says:

    He fell off the bridge??????????? that’s it!!!!!!!!! I am reporting you to the CAS!!!!!!!!!! As i was looking at that picture I was thinking—hmmmmmm—doesn’t look too stable and then I read the rest—-glad he is ok and not too traumatized for life. Looks as if all had a great time too. Love the Jeans—me

  2. Angela says:

    Yes, he fell off the bridge. Only because Gabe was trying to turn him around to face the camera…. and how was I to know the netting wasn’t actually CONNECTED at the bottom? What’s the point?

  3. Angela says:

    P.S. The bridge itself is completely solid (it’s not really a suspension bridge).

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