He’s Nine! And other things.

Thursday morning pancakes.  Flour on the floor, in the grapes, the pajamas – check, check, check.  Happy little boy – check.

Zach baked his own poppy seed birthday cake pretty much on his own.  Then he pestered me for the next few hours if it was cool enough.  Finally, he could make the icing and ice it. Phew.  

Then we celebrated a day early so that his buddies could be here with us.  B and B and their five lovely children joined us to celebrate Zachary’s ninth birthday, and his entry into his tenth year!  Daddy missed supper, but was home in time for cake and presents.  Of course, he was home earlier than usual every single other day during the week!  

In some ways, it’s hard to believe that it was Labour Day nine years ago that I was in labour with my first child.  It seems like a breath away, and yet so far in some ways…. because there has been so much to learn, so many places to grow, to stretch, to be challenged and rewarded!  All I know is that I have at least that much more growing and stretching and learning to do in the next nine years and it will still be gone in a blink.  My first baby will be a man and I look forward to seeing where his road leads.

Picking through the recycling bin and building things from these materials (and a healthy dose of duct tape) has occupied much of Gabe’s and Ben’s time during the last couple of days.  

Look out below! (This is a reference to the above pictures…. not the ones below.  Just so ya know! 😉 )

Expanding belly…. two views.  

Loose-tooth Gabe and his littlest bro.

I just had to post this picture because I think he’s too cute.


And sharing with you some of the kitchen craziness this evening……. in the middle of what we were all doing I said, “I have to get my camera”.  You just have to document these moments.  (Not as if they are rare!  But every once in a while I think I need to stop and photograph what is pretty normal around here ….. to remember in case one day it becomes more tame, and to share with you, my readers!)

Zach is helping out with the clutter by washing some dishes.  

And Graeme is on Sunday night dinner duty, as he has been for some months now.  I’m getting used to it (but not taking it for granted!).

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3 Responses to He’s Nine! And other things.

  1. Andrea says:

    Great pics!

    Is Graeme making kale? That is a typical winter veggie here… I don’t know if you know this tip, but if you want to eat kale in the warmer months, wash it and freeze it quickly (to simulate frost) before cooking it. Then it is wonderfully mellow…

  2. angie says:

    It’s not kale, but thanks for the tip. I don’t know anything about kale.

  3. Donna says:

    Happy Birthday Zack…..poppy seed is my favorite.

    Angie….I still remember when David turned 9 ..halfway to 18. The problem is the first half went a lot slower than the second half. Time is flying exponentially now that I have three in sports. We have been home for 10 days and the business of my life from 3-8 is insane. All of the kids games are on the same day at the same time. We will have to keep track of which games we watch so someone doesn’t feel left out.
    Laura is working on confirmation. We spoke of you last night as someone who models their faith through their actions. I still remember some of our conversations in 1997…about Jesus/God/and the Holy Spirit being all in one. That seems like an eternity ago but I remember the talk like it was yesterday.
    Time sure does fly

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