Just wanted to know……

…… how much an electron microscope costs.   Zach was curious (and so was I) as we were reading about viruses.  

According to WikiAnswers : An older model electron microscope runs around 45,000 US, but can range up to around 150,000 US. 

Hmmmm….. won’t be getting one of those.

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3 Responses to Just wanted to know……

  1. Lisa says:

    Too funny — we had that same conversation at dinner last night, except Jacob was wanting it to see DNA (he’s into genetics at the moment; in fact, we’re extracting DNA from a tomato as I write this). I joked that next he’s going to be asking for a particle accelerator on his Christmas list.

  2. Angela says:

    How, exactly, are you extracting DNA from a tomato? I’ll have to hear the details of this next time we see you!

  3. paisleytrusdale says:

    can you make one? perhaps google ‘make your own electron microscope at home’!!!

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