Another week of camping


The load….. I thought we’d never get going, between trying to get the dog to poop, Ben having to poop, a bird somehow pooping on Ben’s pillow through the open van door…… well, we did get away eventually.   The trip is about 8 hours, plus we had a nearly-two-hour border crossing!  


We had prepared a char tin before leaving and Zach charred it in the first fire we had.  Then they tried to get a fire going using it.  I don’t think there was ever success.  Time to prepare a tinder box with some very dry tinder.


First morning around the fire.  


We had fantastic weather all week.  There was lots of beach play……


…. rides on Grandpa’s motorbike……


…. the bush plane museum….. (grandpa and grandma both taking pictures)


…. wave jumping…..


… hanging out…..

Conversation between Noah and M (above) while at the beach one afternoon……

Noah: Can I hold your hand?

M: No (with a sigh, a pause and then…..)……. tonight, Noah, tonight.


….beach walks, pebble collecting, natural boulder chairs in the water, canoe rides, dingy rides, badminton……

….. a bear was seen running along the road by some other campers… just ahead of Noah and Grandma.  Probably running from Noah and all the singing he was doing on his ride.


…. good times, good times….. 

It rained the last night and morning we were there.  We packed everything up wet and dirty.  The boys and I arrived home at 11:30 last night. We didn’t get sucked up by any tornadoes as some family members feared.  They were all north of us.

Zach and I finished listening to Alien Intrusion by Gary Bates on audio CD.  (also available here)  It was a very interesting and informative listen.

I spent today drying out sleeping bags, tent, washing laundry, hanging it before the rain…… the usual aftermath of camping, but worse because of the rain and dirt.  I hosed down the jogger, cooler, bike helmets…. the really dirty stuff, my rain gear…..


Noah polished off the last of the wild blueberries…. ok, I did too.  

Gabe and Ben vacuumed the van out!  It’s not the cleanest it’s ever been, but the did a great job.  They only left the front passenger side undone, and Noah tackled that.  I finished it off.  Wow.  Zach carried sleeping bags to the deck and pulled them out of sacks for me to hang.  Then they all busied themselves with different activities.    We stocked up on groceries.   All boys are bathed!  



There are more pictures on Flickr if you want to see them.  There will be even more when Dad uploads his.

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2 Responses to Another week of camping

  1. grandma betty says:

    hi there—was that Krista in the picture?????? otherwise I have no idea who you were camping with other than ma and pa lappage—glad you had good weather as it continues to be thpits here as always–hope I get better weather in Sept down in the south—see ya soon—me

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