What’s happening around here?

13 Litres of salsa from farmers’ market stuff.  16 more cups of chopped plum tomatoes in the freezer for more canning when we get back…. thinking bruschetta topping. Anyone got a good recipe? 


Naturally fermented dills. I used this recipe as a guideline, but without the grape leaves, cherry leaves, or alum.  I’d also do a little less salt next time. But everyone loves them.  They are crisp and have a great flavour (could use more garlic, but I didn’t have more in the house at the time).  


Saying goodbye to Magali – she left this morning.  Check out her t-shirt with the boys’ profiles and the text “au pair 2009”.  We dropped her off at the bus this morning and all day it felt like someone was missing.  Another reason to visit France. 


Getting ready for camping…. baking goodies, spanakopita, packing.  

Seeing sparked interest in some new topics…… bonsai, viruses, cells, black holes.  

Realizing that finding a homeschooling family for the boys and I to live with in Quebec for four weeks of language immersion is just not going to fit into my before-baby plans.  Hmmm…. maybe we’ll just have to do it in France in the future.  

Sore feet from standing on them so much in the last few days. Feel pregnant.  Not enough knitting!  Watching Youtube videos right now to figure out how to knit a heel flap. Think I’ve got it.  Forgetting to get Noah to use the toilet.  Washing lots and lots of pants, underwear, and cloth diapers (I’m putting them on him without the liner so he feels wet).  He was doing so well and his regression is a lack of focus on my part.  Camping….. lots of trees to pee on.  Looking forward to a week of visiting friends, swimming in The Lake, sand beaches, knitting, fires, s’mores, dirty-tired-kids in sleeping bags, bikes…….

That’s what’s happening around here.

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3 Responses to What’s happening around here?

  1. Lisa says:

    Sounds hectic! I have a good bruschetta recipe — will email it.

    I told DH that I thought it would be nice to rent a villa in France next spring for a month and practise our French. He just stared at me blankly, so I’ll have to keep working on it, lol.

    Wish the kids were around this week, and I wasn’t working on my legal project, or I’d offer to take your kiddos for a bit so you can get packed.

    Have a fun time camping!

  2. Paisley says:

    cool stuff!
    how do you take care with the salsa (tomatoes) so that you don’t get ummm, sick, is it botulism? I heard someone say you need to put lemon juice? Do you boil the jars? Is there a website you go to for ‘canning safety’ so that when I try it I don’t kill myself with bad food??!

  3. Angela says:

    I’m sure there are lots of websites you can find canning info. Also…. probably lots of good books at the library with recipes. Basically, you need enough acidity (lemon juice, vinegar) and so I only use recipes that were created by someone else who knows what that ration is. The salsa recipe I use has lemon juice. I can send you the recipe but I might not get to it until after we’re home from camping. Most sites/books recommend running the jars through the dishwasher…. I just wash them in very hot water (using rubber gloves so I don’t scald my hands). After all, dishwashers haven’t been around all that long and we don’t plan on having one in the house we build.

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