Friends, Bugs, Tadpoles, Knitting

The week…….


A fun day with friends’ at their new place.  A spontaneous bonfire supper – s’mores included.  Kids having lawn tractor rides by pushing each other on it.  Ben stealing a kiss.  Little puppies yip their little heads off at Jaska – being tough but running away if he tried to approach.  (You can see him in the upper left corner of the photo below.)


Noah showing off his sticky s’more fingers after touching grass.



Ambush bug discovered in the bathroom.  


Frog eggs discovered at the pond.  This was day 2.  I wish I took a picture a day… or even a couple a day.  They have changed SO fast.  Zach has spent the last few hours watching them and sketching them.  In that time they have gone from first twitches to hatching.  Incredible.  It is 10:30pm.  I think he should go to bed, but it’s like tearing a father away from the birth of his child.  

We did a lot of other visiting this week, too.  Indeed, a full week.  I’m tired.  

Our time is seeming to grow short here.  From the start, I’ve been counting down the time, anxious to return to the homeland.  Since the other day when Graeme put it this way, “It’s not much longer than a pregnancy that we have left here”, I’ve felt that the time really is short.  And low and behold, that makes me feel not only very excited, but sad.  We will have some good friends to say goodbye to.  Hopefully, we can convince them all to take some road trips north!  

In knitting news….. I did some felting today.  Another “iPod” cozy for Gabe’s camera.  The multi-colour bag.  All good.  And then…. the mitt.  I had a pattern from Knit One, Felt Too that I copied before the book was due back for another hold.  It seems I missed the last page with the thumb instructions.  Since I’ve never been big on instructions anyway, I decided to wing it.  Winging it was a bad idea.  I ended up with a thumb that was much too big.  That was a little hard to tell on a mitt that was at least three times the size of my hand to begin with.  It shrunk down to the perfect size…. except for that giant, pointed thumb!  Oh well.  Zach has suggested it would make a good oven mitt, which is not a bad idea.  I think it would need some extra lining, but I’m sure I could find an old miss-matched wool mitten that would fit inside for extra insulation.  Aside from the thumb problem, I like the results and would like it even more finished with the double cuff that was to be knitted on afterwards.  I will try again.  No more winging it on mitts…. at least until after I’ve knitted my first pair.  I started my first pair of socks tonight.  I’m trying to finish up all the projects I already had lined up before I get anything new (and PINK) to knit for baby.  


I got a load of tomatoes, peppers, and onions at the farmer’s market today.  I’m hoping to get salsa made tomorrow – in time to take on the camping trip.  I’m looking forward to camping, actually.  Mom is going to meet us there (YAY!) and since it will be just me and the boys otherwise, there will be a couple of extra mattresses.  I’m planning to use them all.  I’ll be like the princess and the pea, except instead of feeling the pea I am going to feel achy hips.

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3 Responses to Friends, Bugs, Tadpoles, Knitting

  1. Robyn says:

    Sorry about the knitting trouble – but I think too it would make a good oven mitt. 🙂 The other stuff looks great! You must be a speedy knitter!
    Have fun camping…

  2. Paisley says:

    teehee… from whom did Ben steal a kiss? that is extremely cute!

    I can understand the mixed feelings about leaving your friends/the opportunities where you are right now, BUT … it isn’t the same without you! Come home!! (oh wait, you are, in less that the length of a pregnancy!! yay!!!)

    thinking of ya!


  3. meagger says:

    Oh my! Does Noah ever look like a young Zack in that photo! Hope you are feeling well, enjoy your camping, ‘princess’. 🙂

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