So you really want to know? It’s a…….

I had my ultrasound today.  Gabe and Zach were with me.   The tech got a good look and there were no boy parts there.  He said he’d say he was 99.9% sure that it’s a girl and only because he never tells anyone “100%”.  It’s still sinking in….. I can barely even imagine what that means.  I really wasn’t sure that it was possible.   You can bet that I’ll soon be heading to the yarn and fabric store to pick out some girly materials to start making into girly things!

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7 Responses to So you really want to know? It’s a…….

  1. paisleytrusdale says:


    PINK knitting here I come!!!!!!!!
    That little girl (99.9% … ) is gonna have an awesome time with her four amazing big brothers!

    I can’t even imagine what your house will be like with another girl in it! But it’s gonna be great!

    I wish I could tell you how pumped I am in person … this doesn’t feel like the right medium … but I AM pumped!!!

    Let the knitting begin!


  2. Angela says:

    Your comment does a pretty good job of conveying your excitement. And because I know you so well I can almost imagine what it would really be like to be with you in person right now! Even Zach wants to knit something pink for this little girl! We found a simple hat pattern and he wants to go out and get yarn tomorrow! So cute.

  3. Donna says:

    I had replied to your email but my reply disappeared. Trisha, Amber, Maryse and I all screamed with delight to hear the news. I can’t wait to tell Laura and Sarah and see their expression.
    I have a feeling she will be a princess right out of the chute. Four big brothers…..oh man….what’s a girl to do.
    Congratulations…let the knitting begin. (i mean continue)

  4. rhondablogs says:

    that is VERY exciting! can’t wait to “meet” her! 🙂

  5. Bonnie says:



  6. grandma betty says:

    wonderful news for everyone—stay healthy–take care of you too—love—me

  7. Annie-Pier says:

    YEsss me too I can say: HAAAAAAAA I’m sooooo haaaapppppyyyy for youuuuuuuuu and so Exciteing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mayby I gotta see this cuty baby by this winter!!!!
    Ho my gooddddd that isss great! Congradulation Angie and Alors to graeme!!!!! A girrrllll!! wooowwww I’m so happy for you!

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