…. and Back Again.


On the way to Prince Edward Island we stopped at this kinda-freaky scarecrow village.  



Here we are on the ferry to PEI.  We were hoping to see dolphins like Daryl and Robyn did when they crossed.  We saw lots of jellyfish, and we’re pretty sure we spotted some seals, but we didn’t see dolphins.


The beaches at Prince Edward Island National Park were awesome.  The kids loved it.  It was a pretty mellow couple of days there, which is what I think we all needed.  I did laundry, kids played in sand, weather was ok and only really rained at night.



Above is a jellyfish in a bucket and below is a dead jelly fish in Ben’s shovel.



This little river flowed into the ocean and after the boys sent sticks (boats) down the river and Daddy bombed the boats with rocks, the game reversed and they all took eager delight in trying to hit Daddy’s “boat”. 


Mommy was sitting in the sand and didn’t “stand up and carry” at his command.  This was apparently very upsetting.


He got over it.


Another knitter in the making.  So far, this scarf has seen me improve my early stitches, Mimo learn to knit, and now Magali.

(This is where we bought Noah another pair of crocs.  We couldn’t seem to keep his running shoes dry, he wouldn’t keep them on his feet, and even if he did I was starting to worry about “foot rot”.  Ben needed his own crocs back because his running shoes were also soaked. Note to self: take lots of different shoes for youngest children on next road trip.)


After a meal at a lovely restaurant  in New Brunswick (thanks to this very helpful travel guide) , the boys were given ring pops out of the “treasure box”.  This book was excellent to have and once we were out of it’s range we wished we had something similar for the rest of the trip.  


It was a rainy day, but we hit the Hopewell Rocks at the right time.  The rain had stopped, the tide was low, and we all felt it was well worth the stop.  I picked up several postcards here, not thinking that we’d be in the US the following day and until we got home.  So I didn’t send them because I would have had to stop and find US stamps.  So… some of you just might still get a postcard that I’ll send from home!



Noah is trying to disturb a tide-speed experiment that Zach is doing by moving his rock.


“Come on, Daddy!  Come on!”


“Mommy?  Come on!”    We can’t keep this boy out of water.

After Hopewell, or rather, just as we were leaving… the rains started up again and continued all the way to Fundy National Park.  It was late, we were tired, weather was miserable and we settled on staying in a motel.  The small town of Alma, New Brunswick had very limited vacancy.  We got what seemed to be the last two rooms in town, and at a deal!  There were no baths and one room smelled of smoke, but we were happy to be high and dry for the night.  We ate our toast and cereal and went to sleep.



On our way to Acadia National Park in Maine, we stopped at a campground to eat lunch.  The place made Magali and I both think of a horror movie.  It was kind of eerie.  The place was well kept, grass cut, etc.  But there was nobody there.  And when we used the toilets we realized the water was shut off.  It was kind of weird.  Anyway, it was a nice lunch spot and nothing “horror movie-ish” happened to us. 


At the park I bailed on setting up camp and took the boys straight to the shore.  We found crabs and that was plenty to make everyone very happy.


“Monkey Bannock” – a hit with everyone.


Boys sporting tattoos out of the back of a book that Gabe was reading.


Robyn, to answer your questions about the crab parts……. we were able to salvage the urchins and the rest of the rotting mess went into the trash.  The two days previous to this Zach was getting car sick.  After the stinky bag of stuff was gone he mysteriously didn’t get any more carsickness.  Coincidence?  The urchins still have a smell, but I think if we ever get some sun here we can dry them out and they’ll be fine.


This was our last morning in the tent.  

It rained continually through New Hampshire and Vermont.  I realize now that I didn’t take a single photo during that stretch, but it was very beautiful.  From what I’ve seen, I think I like the Appalachian Mountains better than the rockies.  They are big, rugged, yet they have an inviting gentleness about them.  The forests are similar to ours (up north), but massive in comparison. The trees would dwarf ours. 

Our last night was spent in a motel in Vermont called “The Shire Motel”.  In fact, the name alone is how we decided on pulling in.  We had passed others that I pointed out to Graeme, but he hmm-ed and kept on driving.  But he couldn’t resist “The Shire”.  It looked very pleasant, too, and indeed it was.  

With the weather still the pits we were all getting anxious to just be home.  Even Zach had given up on seeing giant hemlocks in the Catskills (which we had no idea if we’d even find – the hemlocks, I mean, not the Catskills), and we all agreed on a long day just to be back in our own beds.  By this point, the boys were so accustomed to the van that they really were amazing little travelers.  We left the motel at 8am.  We stopped to eat around 9:30am.  After breakfast we drove for a LONG stretch.  Finally around 3pm we found a nice New York state park on the south shore of Lake Ontario.  The boys played on a great play structure while we prepared another picnic spread.  We ate, then we headed to the beach.  The boys had a blast in the waves.  By the end of it everyone was played out.  Noah was staggering.  



We planned another stop to eat dinner somewhere, but one-by-one everyone dropped off to sleep and Graeme and I decided to just keep going.  We thought that maybe after the border we’d eat, but everyone kept sleeping so we pressed on.  By 11:30pm we were back in our house.  Some went right to bed, some ate cereal and went to bed, everyone slept soundly until morning.


Ben fell asleep listening to “The Hobbit”. 


And what did Noah want to do the following morning?  He wanted to be buckled into a car seat.  

Everyone agrees that it was a good trip.  If you can believe it, we even discussed preliminary plans for our next road trip while we were on this one. Alaska, here we come! 🙂

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5 Responses to …. and Back Again.

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. You have definately made some memories…wet or dry.
    Do not even think about going to ALaska without my family. I have wanted to go for about 17 years. Moose Point kind of wrecks our traveling during the summer deal.
    We are all tired of the rain. We have been watching lots of movies. I even had a dream about a movie projector.
    Miss you all terribly

  2. Donna says:

    p.s. how do you get your blog on facebook?

  3. Cathy says:

    Alaska! That’s great. When are you headed this way? Too bad I live off the road system.

  4. grandma betty says:

    great pic of Zach in midflight—you should publish that one–me

  5. Angela says:

    Cathy… the boys already asked if we could visit you and “find more mammoth ivory”!

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