We’re Alive and Well

Just in case anyone else is as worried as my mom…. we are all alive and well.  We’re in Alma, New Brunswick for the night.  Since it rained all day (from PEI to here) we wimped out and took a room at an inn.  We got the last two rooms in the town and at a deal because one tv isn’t working.  I don’t care about tv.  I only care about giving my pregnant hips a night in a “real bed”!  Anyway…. we’re having lots of fun.   Off the top of my head, the highlights are visitin friends in Halifax, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, seeing three kinds of whales, and for the boys – all the beach combed treasures (like the rotting crab parts in the back of our van).  Ok… that’s all for tonight.  Everyone else is already in bed and I was just tracking down a pay phone to call my mom.  The office is closed here but the lady let me in to use the computer while she does her paperwork.  I’ll post again when we get home… sometime near the end of next week (if today is, in fact, Saturday, which I think it is).  And I’ll have a lot of pictures to upload too.

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2 Responses to We’re Alive and Well

  1. Paisley says:

    sounds like an amazing trip!
    can’t wait to hear about it … we’ll have to ichat one of these days, once you’re home.
    missing you guys today … it’s perfect summer day, should be spent out in the bushes/on the water! (don’t worry, i wont be there either …. studying … but NEXT summer!!!!!)

    Drive safe!

  2. Robyn says:

    So nice to hear your are alive and well…I was wondering about those rotting shellfish in your van 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about CB since we are headed up there soon. I got the coupon you sent -thanks! I’m glad you were able to take a break from tenting…
    It was great having you guys here – safe travels home.

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