Everyone and Their Dog

On Saturday we hit the beach.  The first time we visited this beach, I was struck by the beauty of it.  I envisioned summer days frolicking on its sands, camping, biking, dog enjoying some freedom. Ah – so peaceful. This time I was struck by the overabundance of people – and their dogs.  (Ok, we were on the designated dog beach.)  Jaska had to be leashed, obviously.  He couldn’t play with other dogs, he doesn’t like water.  Really, it wasn’t much fun for him.  As we left, we noticed that the other beaches weren’t as busy.  We won’t take the dog again until it’s cold and everyone else stops going.  Even if the dog didn’t have fun and even if there were too many other humans for my liking, we did have a fun day.   My illusion of passing peaceful weekends camping in the park has passed.  Admittedly, I’m just to much of a bush chick.  




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