A Few More for Good Measure….


Here Toby is all suited up in his bug shirt to go for a walk with Daddy and Jaska.  The mosquitoes are bad on the trails behind our house now.  We don’t go back there without a bug shirt.  Doesn’t he look like he’s ready for adventure? 


Bone, Bone, and more Bone!  All nine volumes of Bone! Everyone is reading it.  Magali is reading it.  Zach is reading it.  Magali is reading it to Ben. Last night I picked up the volume Zach is on now.  I flipped it open somewhere in the middle and started reading.  I read until the end.  They’re catchy.  Now I find myself wondering, “Where did Bony Bone and Smiley Bone disappear to, anyway?”  I might have a better guess if I hadn’t started in the middle of volume four.  


For the last several days I’ve been thinking about spring rolls.  I’ve never made them before – until today.  They were very tasty and definitely took care of my craving.  With Magali’s help, the time in preparing them was cut in half.  I made a peanut sauce too.  It was all very good, but with room for improvement.  If you have a favourite spring roll recipe… pass it on!  

What else?  Hmmm….. every time the sky blackens Zach can’t stop looking for signs of tornadoes.  Not because he is scared, but he wants to see one.  He figures this is his big chance, living here, since they are less common up north.  We were joking about being storm chasers in our minivan with four kids and an au pair (who also really wants to see a tornado).  The kids are all for it.  Me… not so much… mainly because it would mean getting them all to bed so late….. again.

Though it may not be interesting to most, I will also say that last weekend we moved the boys’ beds to the basement.  We spent today moving dressers, books, etc. down.  All four of them are sleeping down there now and I must say, it is quite a nice bedroom.  The space is getting utilized so much more, space is freed up in other places (such as moving my sewing “station” from the living room to the now-spare bedroom), and the boys seem to be loving it.  The biggest challenge is getting Noah to go to sleep.  Stopping naps seems like the best solution, but by mid-afternoon I usually can’t tolerate him any longer and get him to nap.  Oh well, we had to face this eventually because whether upstairs or in the basement he was going to have to move out of our room and in with the brothers before the new baby arrives.  Might as well sort it out now.  Because little does he know, but after our road trip (and probably the big camping trip too) we’re going to sort out the using-the-toilet thing too.  One thing at a time.

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7 Responses to A Few More for Good Measure….

  1. paisleytrusdale says:

    MMmmmmmm! Those are my very favourite. I tried once, but I couldn’t find the right shells. So I used seaweed shells. They sucked. Don’t use seaweed! Rob ate them and very kindly told me they were ok … but they weren’t!!

    I need to try again though! You’ve inspired me! This time I’ll put in the effort and find the right skins. Where did you find them?

  2. goodbean says:

    Where do you get bug shirts?

    We make spring rolls with rice paper, rice noodles, and stuff them with mint leaves, shrimp and thinly sliced cucumber, then we dip them into a sauce made of peanut butter and hoisin sauce mixed together… this is one of my favorite meals! Now you’ve given me a craving!!

  3. grandma betty says:

    great bug shirt—cute kid too—-spring rolls look great—I am very fond of them too—-we get to see you in 48 hours yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. angie says:

    Pais, I’m sure you could find rice wrappers in the Asian food section of the grocery store (esp. Superstore). They are in round disc-like packages. (I had to ask.)

    The recipe I used is Thai Fresh Spring Rolls and the sauce was this one (but I used natural peanut butter and was missing a couple other ingredients). The peanut sauce was an afterthought. As for the rolls, I didn’t use the shrimp (but next time I will) and I added Chinese lettuce and mint leaves. The mint leaves clashed with something… maybe the basil. Let me know how yours turn out!

    Bon, is your sauce only peanut butter and hoisin sauce?

    Grandma Betty… See you soon!

  5. paisleytrusdale says:

    thanks for the recipe! i will try it sometime very soon!
    hope you guys are having fun reunioning. wish i was there to kick it with all of you!!

  6. Grampa Farty says:

    Ang, I ‘m sure you probably heard about the tornado south of Ear Falls, It tosted a cabin in the lake,..2 dead and they are still looking for a third, there nwas some good footage on the weather network,.. worth the watch.

    Yer dad

  7. Joanna says:

    Hey Angie!!
    I am finally catching up on the blog, it really sucks having no computer for a month!! Anyways, after I was at the tornado here by Ear Falls and seeing the damage you guys are definitely not aloud to tornado chase!! Way too risky for my liking 🙂
    Love your seester!

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