Bee Farm

All week I was wishing I didn’t sign up for this bee farm tour today.  It was just too much.  I was ready for a break.  On top of that everyone has colds and this morning I woke up feeling it too.  Plus morning sickness seems to have resurfaced this week.  Probably from fatigue.  

Well….. it was SO worth it.  What a great place!  Everyone had a good time and we stayed a lot longer than I had anticipated.  The presentation of the bees was great and there were so many other things for the kids to do.  I love their set up and got ideas for our farm that we’ll have one day!  I think we’ll be going back sometime.


Holding drones.



The pedal go carts were a hit.




Duck races.


Sand and lots of sand toys.

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One Response to Bee Farm

  1. paisleytrusdale says:

    seems awesome! wish Mike was there to see it with you!
    i think i work too much, b/c all i could think of with a ‘bee farm’ was “i wonder how much epinephrine they keep around?” I’m such a geek.

    we miss you guys!

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