I’m just having my nightly snack – tonight a bowl of granola cereal with farm fresh goat milk – and I thought I’d do a little blogging…. a smattering of everything.  I’m having one of those weeks where the days are too full and I can barely keep up with food and laundry and getting us to where we need to go, but everyone is happy and having fun. I’m just hoping I can keep it up until the end of Friday!  The big boys are in a day camp doing stuff about ancient Egypt, medieval times, dinosaur fossils, and forensics.  They’re happy.  We’ve been keeping a steady incoming stream of new Spiderwick books, including the Notebook for Fantastical Observations for their own observations, and lots of Bone books.  They’re doing a lot of reading, even little bits in the car, trying to overcome their reading-induced carsickness before the big road trip.  After a long, often difficult transition, Noah is really warming up to Magali and spending lots of time playing with her outside.  Ben is enjoying the times that Magali reads the Bone books to him, as well as my reading of the Spiderwick Chronicles to him. Two evenings ago the boys and I all went biking.  Zach and Gabe on their own bikes, Ben on the trailer bike behind me, and Noah behind that in the jogger.  Zach returned home to work on a project and everyone else wanted to keep biking so we went over to a friend’s for a very quick hello, but mostly just to see how long it would take us.  It was 5.5km round trip and the boys all did very well. After the day camp today we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in Graeme’s uncle and aunt’s pool.  What a great place to be on a hot day like today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be roasting, too, and we’ve been invited over to friends’ to swim after the day camp.  After that we’ll head to Ultimate Frisbee.  See what I mean?  The days this week are crammed and I’m really quite content to just stay at home.  

Yesterday evening I went out for supper.  It was a Mom’s night out with other homeschoolers.  I was the “guest speaker”.  They wanted to talk to a real, live adult who was home-schooled and turned out “normal”.  Wait until they get to know me! 😉  Anyway…. it was fun….. and I enjoyed the tips, ideas, trials and errors, and thoughts of all the mom’s there.

I had my first cello lesson yesterday, which was great.  Just before my cereal (and blogging) I was practicing.  It feels like when I first started playing the violin.  Hopeless!  Well, not quite.  I did improve in one practice session and I know that, as with the violin, some consistent practice will work “wonders”.   

The book I’m trying to find time to read right now is Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual Spatial Learner (an acquisition from Mom’s bookshelf during our recent trip – thanks, Mom!). It applies to at least a couple of my children and I’m finding it very interesting/helpful.

I had a midwife appointment this afternoon and all is well.  Heart rate is good.  I’m measuring normal.  But I’m still holding out hope for twins! 🙂  Ultrasound is booked July 29th.  I’m going to try to find out the sex of the baby.  Do you want to know too?

Well, my cereal  is gone and my bed is calling.

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5 Responses to Rambling

  1. el burro says:

    I wish I could have been there to hear you speak…it would have been verrrry interesting…and yes, I for one would love to know the baby’s gender if and when you find out. Hope you’re feeling well….

  2. Robyn says:

    Yes! I want to know about that baby! 🙂

  3. Leeanna says:

    I can’t wait until you find out, I hope some of my girly ways rubbed off, we sure know we have great luck with having girls….;) can’t wait now, are you exctied? you must be:)

  4. paisleytrusdale says:

    i have my knitting needles poised. i just need to know what colour of yarn to buy! (PS … I like knitting with pink and with blue … so whichever it is is gonna be awesome!)

    PS … I’ll knit for more than one baby if your wishes come true!

  5. grandma betty says:

    TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! egad!!!!!!! and you and Graeme think a smaller house will do just fine—–we’ll just have to see won’t we??????? glad you are feeling ok and let’s hope the placenta holds out this time esp if it is twins. You do know that twins tend to come 4 to 6 weeks early right?????? I am surprised you want to know the sex of the kidlet—we might as well all know if you are sharing. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in one week—the summer is flying by now that it is actually warm here.-see ya soon–ma

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