Happy Dad’s Day!

Here are our wonderful, crazy boys with their wonderful, crazy dad!  Oh, how I love them all!  

And here is the freezer paper t-shirt “we” made as a Father’s Day gift.  

Here it is in the making.


And here is the part that the boys contributed – side profile shots.  I sized them down and flipped one around, traced them on the freezer paper, found a font I liked for “offspring”, and voila!  Magali is planning to re-use the stencil for a t-shirt for herself, except she will replace “offspring” with something like “au pair 2009”.  I would like one for myself too, and perhaps I’ll add a “?” on the belly.

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7 Responses to Happy Dad’s Day!

  1. Bonnie says:

    that’s the greatest idea!!

    i love it…….. 😉

    i was trying to think of the “ultimate” cool parent shirt – i think you found it.

  2. iris says:

    I agree! I want to make one, too. How did you do it exactly?

  3. angie says:

    If you type in “freezer paper t-shirt” you’ll come up with all kinds of how-tos for making a freezer paper stencil on a shirt. Here’s my quick tutorial:
    You will need a t-shirt (or whatever you want to stencil on)
    fabric paint (just a “flat” paint… I’ve never tried puff paint or anything like that)
    freezer paper (found in the grocery store with plastic wrap and aluminum foil)
    an iron
    a paint brush
    a utility knife

    We’ve done dragons, scorpions, snowflakes, and other stencils. With whatever design you draw or use, get it to the desired size on regular paper. Trace it onto the freezer paper (up against a window if necessary). Cut out the design with a utility knife. Iron it onto the shirt. (The shiny, “waxy” side is the side that sticks so make sure this is against the fabric.) Also, iron a piece on the opposite side of the fabric to avoid leakage. Let it cool. Paint. It is better to do two or three coats if necessary rather than do a thick layer. A thick layer is more likely to leak past your desired edges. When the paint is dry (I never wait for this and I have paid!) peel off the freezer paper. Enjoy your new creation!

  4. grandma betty says:

    what a great pic of the dad and boys—I love it—me

  5. julierains says:

    Angie, I LOVE that shirt. I’d wear it and they are not even my children…Maybe Bon needs to make one of her kids and make shirts for all of us!

  6. Annie-Pier says:

    woowww I’m defenetly jalous! I want it too! HOO THIS IS SO A GREAT IDEA Wooow how come you mhave so much great ideas??
    Really original!!!
    Lucky you graeme!!!

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