June Trip

A quick review of our recent trip “home”……

Angie's Boys June 2009 124

The boys, Magali, and I headed up ahead of Graeme.  We landed late in the evening.  The next morning we headed to see my family in the rental van.  One evening at Mom’s, while she was looking for her glasses, Noah followed her silently upstairs.  She didn’t hear him until he said, “Gramma’s glasses?”  She turned to see the above face wearing Mr. Potato Head’s glasses.  

Angie's Boys June 2009 121

The boys had a great time.  They rode the pony three times for sure, maybe four.  Grandma took them for four wheeler rides.  They drove the John Deere.  Zach got a fire going and we and some dear friends had a hot dog and marshmallow roast.  Zach awed us all with his gourmet s’mores.  He would set chocolate chips on a graham cracker, set it beside the fire on a heated rock, and then roast his marshmallow.  By the time his marshmallow was perfectly golden brown his chocolate was melted.  Mmmmm…..

Angie's Boys June 2009 110

Angie's Boys June 2009 113

I got to meet to of my friends’ new babies.  I realize now that I, unfortunately, didn’t get a shot of the two week old Michael.  

Angie's Boys June 2009 073

Angie's Boys June 2009 028

Angie's Boys June 2009 019

We visited grandparents, great-grandparents, and friends.  On the last night Zach had a sleepover at his good buddies place, and it was hard to drag ourselves away the next morning.  (But I did manage to mooch a bag of pickerel! 🙂 )  If it weren’t for the fact that the weather was mostly nasty cold and wet, I would be giving my dad a hard time about not being home to take us fishing.  As it was, I think we would have needed winter gear to cope on the lake.  I didn’t pack any.


Back in our old stompin’ grounds, we had to see the falls.


Noah…. crashed after a busy day.


When at last the weather improved during the second stage of our trip, we drove up the mountain and hiked part way up the trail.  It got a little sketchy to be hiking with a 2 and 4 year old. 


Here we are making the descent.  For the part we did, Noah was actually a pace setter.  What a climber he will be.  He was also ticked when we didn’t let him continue on at the part we decided it was best to turn around.


Of course, we made a stop at our favourite historical park.  We ate pakwejigan (bannock) in maple sugar, hung out in the wig wams, the farm, the fur shop…. the favourite haunts.  My favourite part was that a good friend joined us with her two kids. 


There was a bon fire/pot luck held in our honour by Merrie and Pierre.   We spent an afternoon/evening at Suzanne’s.  Graeme and Zach made a nostalgic (for Graeme) paddle up the river to the house we were staying at – a house he paddled to many times in his growing up years.  


On our last day we were going to look at some property after Graeme got off work, but he was later than he planned so instead we grabbed burgers and fries, and spent the last of our time at another favourite spot.  It wasn’t quite warm enough to swim, but still fun.  



Graeme saw a fair amount of land, considering he was working and on-call the whole time.  We even got out together one evening to look at a couple of properties.  The kids and I saw a total of five bears in our travels, and I saw another the night I was out with Graeme.  We also saw a moose and a baby fox (cutest thing) that night.  

There was other fun stuff too, like finding five maternity shirts for $23.  And an evening out with Paisley.  Our original plans were foiled by Chapter’s closing at 9pm!!  But instead we took a drive along the lakeshore and up to a monument with a great lookout over the Giant.  And if I’m forgetting to mention something specifically that you were involved in, please don’t worry…. it’s stored in my memory bank and just not accessible at this moment while I try to finish up this post and get my kids to bed at 10pm! 

Well… that’s all.  We’re back and fighting off depression.  Well, alright, it’s not that bad.  We have a road trip coming up in three weeks so we’re looking forward to that.  It won’t be long after that until the big group camping trip….. then a few months until baby time…. then time to think about moving back (unless of course some opportunity has presented itself for me to have already moved back!).  

Later alligator.  Or… as Noah now says…. “Bye Bye Jedi”.

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2 Responses to June Trip

  1. grandma betty says:

    hi there–glad you had a safe time even though the weather was the pits—your au pair must be wondering why you would want to move back to that type of weather!!!!! too bad you didn’t have time to look at much land or homes—hope the boys were well and happy–see ya soon–much love—ma

  2. paisleytrusdale says:

    glad it was a good trip! we miss you too!

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